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Wind Industry Will Do Just Fine Regardless of U.S. Clean-Energy Subsidy

While many investors are focused on the direction of oil prices, new developments in the wind sector deserve more attention ahead of the looming decision on subsidies in 2015.

U.S.-China Climate Pact Opens Door to Green Energy Investment

A strong push to jointly combat climate change is making this surprise move by two superpowers hard to ignore for investors.

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Illumina's Singapore Tax Holiday is About to Expire

The DNA sequencing giant generated over 10% of its diluted earnings per share in 2021 from a tax holiday.

Oil Volatility Returns, Pushing Gasoline Prices Higher

The 14-week decline in gasoline prices ended while two million people in Florida are still without power.

New Electric Vehicle Beats Tesla When it Comes to the Environment

A new EV would radically change how cars are made and that could be a threat to the market leader.

McDonald's Menu Adds a (Very) New Take on an Old Favorite

The fast-food giant has been hesitant to make changes like this, but Wendy's bold move may have forced it to.