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Which U.S. Companies are Most Exposed to Europe?

The Ukraine war is hurting Europe’s economies the most with the continent dependent on Russia for energy.

Dividend Stock-Picking: Beware High Yields

Savvy dividend stock investors go beyond the headline numbers. Here's how.

Making Sense of Microhoo

The media jump to conclusions about a merger's prospects. But careful investors won't tune them out entirely.

Cramer: Three Cheers for GM's Health Care Cut

The new union deal will bode well for Detroit's Big Three, says Jim Cramer.

Chrysler Taps Nardelli as CEO

It brings in an outsider to run the struggling company.

Breaking News

Johnson & Johnson Stock Lower After Unveiling End To Global Baby Powder Sales In 2023

Johnson & Johnson, which began selling Baby Powder in 1894, will end all sales of the talc-based product next year.

Apple Stock Edges Higher After Report Indicates iPhone Demand Confidence

Apple is asking assemblers to put together 220 million iPhones this year, Bloomberg reported, a tally that largely matches 2021 levels.

Struggling Electric-Truck Maker Nikola Makes a Major Change

Electric-truck manufacturer Nikola, like the broad vehicle industry, has been struggling with supply-chain issues.

Illumina and the Quest for the (Holy?) Grail

DNA-sequencing leader Illumina swung to a loss in Q2 2022. Contributions from Grail didn't help.