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Invesco DB Oil Fund News

Lower Oil Prices Will Boost Retail Stocks, Says Nuveen Strategist Bob Doll

Markets tend to rise in the third year of a presidential administration, and lower oil prices should help retail stocks in the coming months, said Nuveen Asset Management's Bob Doll.

Iran's Obama Snub Won't Affect Oil

Iran's dismissal of President Obama's U.N. overtures will not impact energy prices, says Jeff Grossman of BRG Brokerage.

Futures Up On Easing Hopes

The hope that the Federal reserve and the ECB will continue to ease has rallied stocks and oil - Debra Borchardt gives details.

Ethanol Is The Enemy

Ethanol is now the cause behind high gas prices. Dan Dicker tells TheStreet's Debra Borchardt how we can stop this insanity.

Ethanol Program Boosting Gas Prices

Dan Dicker tells Jim Cramer how the ethanol program is destroying itself by subsidizing foreign companies and causing gas prices to spike.

Breaking News

Disney Mobile Game Opens Up a New Universe

Familiar Disney characters populate an alternate reality in new interactive game.

Birth Control Stocks May Benefit From the Reversal of Roe v. Wade

The historic Supreme Court decision may force women to make different choices.

Barstool's Portnoy Takes a Surprising Stand on a Key Political Issue

The outspoken Republican with a platform voices his opinion on the state of democracy moving to the right.

McDonald's Brings Back a Classic Menu Item (with a Catch)

You never know what the fast-food chain might bring back or create a new version of.