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CoreCivic Inc. News

What Makes a Good Stock: Cramer's 'Mad Money' Recap

Jim Cramer pores over 300 stocks and finds only a few that pass his test for what makes a good investment in this treacherous market environment.

Verizon, Anthem, Core Civic: 'Mad Money' Lightning Round

Jim Cramer weighs in on Verizon, Anthem, Core Civic, Annaly Capital and more.

Private Prison Operators Fall; Fifth Third Joins Banks Ending Ties With Industry

Geo Group and CoreCivic lose ground as another bank joins list of those refusing to do future business with private prison operators.

Walgreens Shines as Markets Struggle; AT&T-Time Warner Trial Presses On -ICYMI

Another midday sell-off in the Dow as Nasdaq and S&P closed lower. Walgreens, Apple, Time Warner and AT&T all in the news on Wednesday, March 28.

Donald Trump's Presidency: Good for Prisons, Bad for Guns

Donald Trump's presidency has been a gift to private prison stocks. For gun investors, it's been a disaster.

Breaking News

Elon Musk Says Only Two Things Could Make Him Leave Tesla

Tesla CEO Musk discusses succession plans and Twitter with shareholders.

Caesars Inches Closer to Huge Las Vegas Strip Move

The company has made clear what it plans on the Las Vegas Strip, but it has a fast-approaching deadline.

Elon Musk Has Bad News About Tesla's Cybertruck

Long-delayed futuristic looking electric vehicle will be in production by the middle of 2023