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US Earnings Season Could See 20% Growth, Second Best Quarter Since 2010- FactSet

S&P 500 companies could see earnings growth of as much as 20%over the second quarter, according to FactSet estimates, marking the second best three-month stretch since late 2010.

Comcast's (and other cable firms') desperation could make things tough for T-Mobile and Sprint

Comcast's new mobile plans suggest a willingness to offer low-margin wireless services to keep broadband and pay-TV subscribers loyal. Incumbent carriers can't be pleased.

Trump, net neutrality and Netflix

The president-elect has tweeted his displeasure with net neutrality, but ending the policy could require the courts or Congress -- and would shake up the video market.

AMC Networks CEO says 'The Walking Dead' is blessing not burden

Josh Sapan says the cable TV network owner will grow and flourish even when new seasons of the zombie series come to an end.

PwC survey: streaming video will become increasingly popular

As television viewing habits continue to change, especially amid the rise of streaming outlets like Netflix and Amazon Prime, consumers will likely watch more videos than ever before.

Breaking News

Johnson & Johnson Stock Lower After Unveiling End To Global Baby Powder Sales In 2023

Johnson & Johnson, which began selling Baby Powder in 1894, will end all sales of the talc-based product next year.

Apple Stock Edges Higher After Report Indicates iPhone Demand Confidence

Apple is asking assemblers to put together 220 million iPhones this year, Bloomberg reported, a tally that largely matches 2021 levels.

Struggling Electric-Truck Maker Nikola Makes a Major Change

Electric-truck manufacturer Nikola, like the broad vehicle industry, has been struggling with supply-chain issues.

Illumina and the Quest for the (Holy?) Grail

DNA-sequencing leader Illumina swung to a loss in Q2 2022. Contributions from Grail didn't help.