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Dow Ends Higher as FANG Stocks Rally

The Dow closed up more than 100 points, shaking off the latest Trump comments on pressing ahead with higher tariffs on China-made goods.

Tariffs, Trade, Apple, United Technologies and Tesla - 5 Things You Must Know

U.S. stock futures decline following comments from Donald Trump that suggested a summit with China's President Xi Jinping may not yield a breakthrough in trade talks; Apple slides after Trump hints at new tariffs on iPhones; United Technologies says it will break into three separate companies by 2020.

Classic Bear-Market Rally: Cramer's 'Mad Money' Recap

What comes next? Anything concrete to justify this rally? Sorry, says Jim Cramer. It's just a reprieve, not a sustainable turnaround.

Nvidia, Applied Materials, SpaceX and PG&E - 5 Things You Must Know

U.S. stock futures fall amid weakness in the chip sector following disappointing third-quarter earnings from Nvidia; a second chip company - Applied Materials - sinks on weak guidance; SpaceX gets the OK to operate 7,500 satellites; PG&E jumps on report California regulator doesn't want bankruptcy for the utility.

IBM, Red Hat, Elon Musk, Walmart, Boston Red Sox - 5 Things You Must Know

U.S. stock futures are higher on Monday as investor concerns revolve around slowing U.S. corporate earnings; IBM reaches deal to buy Red Hat for $34 billion; Tesla CEO Elon Musk says the tweet he sent in August about taking the electric vehicle company private at $420 a share was 'worth it.'

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How Airlines May Revive Fast Air Travel at More Reasonable Price

American Airlines is buying 20 supersonic jets from Boom Supersonic.

Taking Social Security? Retirees May Get a Big COLA Bump Up in 2023.

U.S. retirees may get a big benefit with the next Social Security cost-of-living adjustment for 2023.

Wendy's Follows McDonald's in Making a Huge Change

Restaurants are moving to adapt to customers with very different wants and desires.

Famed Investor Druckenmiller Dumps Amazon

Stanley Druckenmiller, a former colleague of George Soros, bought and sold several stocks in the second quarter.