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Global X MSCI China Financials ETF News

This financial signal indicates that China's troubles are growing

The country's currency reserves just plunged, a stark indication that it is time to bet against that economy.

As china's $9 trillion bond market goes bust, here's how to profit

Disturbing new signals from China's teetering bond market are a green light for this one trade.

The big bad boogeyman of China actually has a major debt problem

The country's latest desperate act to keep itself from going broke underscores a ripe opportunity for investors to make big profits.

Here are 2 ways to profit from the potential overseas debt crash

By shorting these two highly vulnerable ETFs, investors can make a quick profit from the economic mismanagement of these two particularly profligate countries.

China's $5 trillion in toxic bank debt is about to collapse -- here's how to profit

The bad news for the world's second-largest economy just won't quit. As China's troubled financial services sector teeters on collapse, here's the best way to pocket gains.

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Morgan Stanley Stock Leads Gains As Banks Boost Dividends After Fed Stress Tests

Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo, Bank of America and Goldman Sachs will lift their quarterly dividend, while JPMorgan will hold its steady following last week's Fed stress tests.

Nike Stock Slides As As Margin Pressures, China Worries Offset Q4 Earnings Beat

"We think we're well positioned for growth in fiscal year 2023 ... having said that, we did take a cautious approach to Greater China," said CFO Matthew Friend.

Playtika Stock Slumps After Joffre Capital Takes 25.7% Stake Online Casino Gaming Group

Axios reported late Monday that tech buyout group Joffre Capital is seeking a majority stake in the online casino video game group.

Walgreens Stock Slides As Group Scraps Plan to Sell UK-based Boots

"As a result of market instability ... no third party has been able to make an offer that adequately reflects the high potential value of Boots," Walgreens said.