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BNI News

Halliburton Working Hard to Close $27.5 Billion Deal for Baker Hughes Soon

The oilfield services giant still believes it can complete its big acquisition of its rival in 2015.

Gad: Ignore Buffett's Investments Today

He is now working with so much money that he is limited in his choices.

Cramer: My Top Rail Stocks

Jim Cramer gives his top rail trades like Kansas City Southern and Union Pacific to TheStreet's Debra Borchardt.

Buffett in Thick of Political Controversy

The legendary investor found himself this week in the middle of two hotly contested political and economic issues.

Buffett's Growing Energy Portfolio

Buffett has shown interest in a variety of energy trades.

Breaking News

Fed Inflation Gauge Slowed Again in October, Supporting Dovish Powell

Further slowing in the Fed's preferred inflation gauge is adding heft to Chairman Jerome Powell's signals of smaller rate hikes.

Amazon Needs to Kill Alexa, Maybe Exit Echo Devices

The online retail giant had a plan to own your living room. It didn't work because AI-powered voice assistants don't work.

General Mills Tries a New Take on Lucky Charms

The new variant may be even more magically delicious.

Elon Musk's Latest Twitter Move Looks Like an Act of Desperation

Twitter is desperate for revenue. It has a $13 billion debt burden, but hasn’t showed a profit for eight of the last 10 years.