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Putting the Markets in Focus: Cramer's 'Mad Money' Recap

Jim Cramer says perception is determining how stocks trade right now -- and there's a lot of negativity.

U.S. Coal Industry Is Dying, But Isn't Buried Yet

Here are the issues.

United States to Withdraw From the Paris Climate Agreement, Sending Coal Stocks Higher

The United States will withdraw from the Paris climate agreement, President Trump confirmed on Thursday afternoon in a speech.

Markets Close at Record High Following Trump's Paris Climate Accord Announcement

Trump says that he will renegotiate the terms of the Paris Climate agreement.

Trump Climate Accord Stance May Be Negotiating Tactic For Coal

One analyst says the threat to leave the Paris climate agreement might be a play to persuade other members of the G-7 to allow greater investment in fossil fuels.

Breaking News

Costco May Have a Huge Workers Problem

Workers demand for their needs to be met.

Real Estate Titan Zillow Sees Tough Times Ahead in Housing

The residential real estate market has stumbled, after soaring in the first 18 months of the covid pandemic.

Meta (Facebook) Looks to Take on TikTok Next

Facebook and Instagram's parent company has a plan to take over a new segment.