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ACTG Competitors

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Acacia Research Corporation News

Ride the Kohl's Takeover Talk Wave

Real Money's Stephen "Sarge" Guilfoyle expects plenty of interest in the retailer.

5 Top Stock Gainers for Tuesday: Virgin Galactic, Digital Turbine

Virgin Galactic, Digital Turbine, AC Immune SA, Spok Holdings and Eagle Pharmaceuticals are five top stock gainers.

Qualcomm to Appeal South Korean $865 Million Patent Fine

South Korean regulators found Qualcomm failed to license patents for cellphone chipsets that have been incorporated into global industry standards on fair and reasonable terms.

How Apple and Nokia could both score victories in their battle over patents

While Nokia may be able to favorably settle its new infringement suits against Apple, Apple's antitrust suit against Nokia could have more far-reaching implications.

Apple steps up its war on 'patent trolls'

In a major antitrust lawsuit Apple charged that Acacia is illegally breaking terms of patents acquired from Nokia.

Breaking News

Bank of America Lists Companies With Most Mentions of 'Supply Chain'

These companies made the most mentions of "supply chain" in their first-quarter earnings calls.

Crypto Crisis: Struggling Crypto Lender About to Be Acquired by Rival

Crypto firm Nexo is reviewing the assets of lender Vauld with the intent of acquiring the struggling crypto financial services company.

Ford Makes a Major Change

The legacy automaker has just made a decision that will affect consumers buying its electric vehicles via a lease.

Stock Market Today - 7/5: Stocks End Mixed On Recession Fears; Dollar Hits Two-Decade Peak

Stocks bounce back as tech stocks surge as investors focus on growth and inflation prospects in the world's biggest economy.