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Verizon & Vodafone Top the 5 Best M&A Deals of the Last 5 Years

Here are five mega-deals from the past five years where the companies got it right.

US Airways Can Find $1B in Revenue Gains at AMR, Analyst Says

When the America West management team took over US Airways in 2005, it cut capacity and boosted unit revenue. A veteran analyst says the team can do the same thing at American.

What Really Happened in the 1993 American Flight Attendants Strike

On the first day of the American Airlines flight attendants strike in 1993, most planes flew empty. It seemed the airline was unprepared. But a former airline executive says that isn't the case.

U.S. Airlines Are Too Big to Strike, 20 Years After Pre-Thanksgiving AMR Shutdown

American Airlines flight attendants staged the last strike at a major airline 20 years ago. This year, their union president was among the leaders in promoting a merger with US Airways.

US Airways/AMR Merger Means a Labor Union Must Exit

The merger of US Airways and American likely will mean that one of two flight attendant unions must go, and the American union is twice as big as the US Airways union.

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Treasury Yields Jump After Weak $43 Billion 2-Year Auction, Sliding Foreign Demand

The Treasury sold $43 billion in 2-year notes at a high yield of 4.29% - nearly a full percentage point above last month's auction levels.

Economist El-Erian Sees Strong Chance for Recession

But he thinks the Fed must keep raising interest rates to quell inflation. And he expects continued market volatility.

Pound Collapse Puts Dollar Parity, Emergency Bank of England Rate Hikes in Focus

Britain's new government said it will continue focusing on tax cuts and new borrowing to boost growth even as markets push the pound to a record low against the U.S. dollar.

What Happens to Your Credit Card When Interest Rates Rise

With interest rates soaring, credit card consumers may be in for a shock