S&P 500 Index (^GSPC)

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Open 2,103.81
Day Low/High 2,032.57 / 2,103.81
52 Wk Low/High 1,810.10 / 2,132.82
Exchange CBO

Talk of 'Blood in the Streets' Gives Portfolio Managers Buying Opportunities

Stocks fell on Friday in the wake of Britain's stunning vote to leave the European Union, affording buying opportunities for investors willing to jump into a decidedly uncertain market.

The Bear Roars Around the World as Britain Votes to Leave EU

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Why the S&P 500 Should Bounce Higher at 2070

With the market seemingly topped for now, and with lower targets in our sights, the question now is a matter of where the bounces come in.

Risk-Averse Investors Choosing Consumer Staples, Utilities

Risk-off strategies are the rage this week, the charts show.

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Here's what the latest charts say about the direction of gold, oil and stock prices.

Trade the Bull-Bear Tug-of-War

None of these five ETFs have a negative weekly charts. The Dow and transports are neutral, the S&P 500 and small caps are overbought, and the Nasdaq is positive.

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Since 2000, the S&P 500 has averaged only 2.4% a year. The old advice to buy and hold stock indices may be killing your retirement savings.

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As we face the official start of summer, these well-timed tourism sector stocks should give off the much-needed heat that the rest of the equity market lacks.

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This Southeast Asian country has gone the longest of any market in the world without a major correction.

S&P Hits New High but We're Not Out of the Bear's Woods Yet

The S&P 500 was helped by the materials, financials, health care and utilities sectors, but their technical charts are flashing warnings.

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A flight to safety to dividend-paying utilities remains a warning as some global stock markets are in bear market territory.

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The stock market is going even higher, while crude oil is set to reverse and gold is approaching a very important support level.

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These three major stock market indices are again making runs at these base-top pivots, offering reason for cautious optimism.

Buy Palo Alto Networks Stock Now for a 11% Rebound

The stock, as it has done the past three months, will reverse course in the next couple of weeks and regain the 50-day at $147, delivering an 11% gain.