Wright Medical Group N.V. Announces Virtual Meeting Alternative To Physical Attendance At Extraordinary General Meeting Of Shareholders And Change Of Time And Location Of Meeting

Date of Meeting and Ability to Vote by Proxy Not Changed
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AMSTERDAM, April 08, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Wright Medical Group N.V. (WMGI) - Get Report today provided notice that, for shareholders wishing to participate in person at its previously noticed Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders scheduled for April 24, 2020 (the "EGM"), Wright is providing such shareholders an alternative to physical attendance at the EGM. In addition to physical attendance, shareholders wishing to attend the EGM in person now have the option of virtual attendance as described below. Shareholders who do not wish to attend the meeting in person may still vote by proxy. There have been no changes to the way proxy voting is conducted.

Due to the public health impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and the public health and travel concerns that Wright shareholders may have, Wright will now provide shareholders wishing to attend the EGM in person an alternative to attending the EGM in person by including a virtual meeting format available at the virtual meeting website www.virtualshareholdermeeting.com/ WMGI2020.

Wright also provided notice that the physical location of the EGM now will be Beethovenplein 10 - 1077 WM, Amsterdam, the Netherlands (a change from the EGM's original location at Prins Bernhardplein 200, 1097 JB Amsterdam, the Netherlands), and that the EGM will commence at 1:00 p.m., central European time, on Friday, April 24, 2020 (a change from the original scheduled time of 12:00 p.m., central European time, on Friday, April 24, 2020). There is no change to the date of the meeting, which remains April 24, 2020.

To attend the EGM virtually at www.virtualshareholdermeeting.com/ WMGI2020, shareholders must enter the 16-digit control number found on their proxy card, voting instruction form or notice. In order to accommodate shareholder participation in the virtual meeting format, registered shareholders that held their shares on March 13, 2020 will receive a new proxy card and a new 16-digit control number. These registered shareholders should discard all proxy cards and voting instructions provided prior to April 8, 2020. However, registered shareholders who submitted a proxy card to vote shares using a previously provided control number will not need to submit a new proxy card.

Shareholders attending the EGM virtually may vote during the EGM by following the instructions available on the virtual meeting website during the meeting, subject to compliance with the advance registration requirements described below. To ensure virtual access to the EGM, shareholders must check in to the virtual meeting website by 12:45 p.m., central European time, on April 24, 2020. Shareholders who encounter any difficulties accessing the virtual meeting website during the check-in period or meeting time should call the technical support number that will be posted on the virtual meeting log-in page at www.virtualshareholdermeeting.com/ WMGI2020.

Shareholders who wish to attend the EGM, either in person or virtually, must complete the advance registration process by April 17, 2020 by notifying Wright at julie.dewey@wright.com and providing his, her or its name, 16-digit control number and number of shares. Additionally, shareholders who have questions related to items on the agenda for the EGM should submit their questions to Wright in advance of the EGM by sending the questions to julie.dewey@wright.com by 1:00 p.m., central European Time, on April 21, 2020. Shareholders who attend the EGM, either in person, by representative or virtually, may also ask questions related to items on the agenda during the EGM, subject to compliance with the full terms and conditions governing the EGM that can be found at Wright's Investor Relations website at http://ir.wright.com/.

As described in the previously distributed proxy materials for the EGM, Wright's shareholders are entitled to participate in the EGM if they were a shareholder as of the close of business on March 27, 2020, the record date, or hold a legal proxy for the meeting provided by their bank, broker or nominee. Wright urges its shareholders, whether or not they plan to attend the meeting in person or virtually, to vote by submitting proxies in advance of the EGM by one of the methods described in the proxy materials for the EGM.

About Wright Medical Group N.V.

Wright Medical Group N.V. is a global medical device company focused on extremities and biologics products. The company is committed to delivering innovative, value-added solutions improving quality of life for patients worldwide and is a recognized leader of surgical solutions for the upper extremity (shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand), lower extremity (foot and ankle) and biologics markets, three of the fastest growing segments in orthopedics. For more information about Wright, visit www.wright.com.

Additional Information and Where to Find It

This communication is not a recommendation, an offer to purchase or a solicitation of an offer to sell ordinary shares of Wright or any other securities. This communication may be deemed to be solicitation material in respect of the EGM Proposals (defined below). On March 20, 2020, Wright filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") a definitive proxy statement in connection with the EGM, at which the Wright shareholders will vote on certain proposed resolutions (the "EGM Proposals") in connection with the transactions referenced therein, and has mailed the definitive proxy statement and a proxy card to each shareholder entitled to vote at the EGM. SHAREHOLDERS ARE URGED TO READ THE PROXY STATEMENT (INCLUDING ANY AMENDMENTS OR SUPPLEMENTS THERETO), AS THEY CONTAIN IMPORTANT INFORMATION THAT PERSONS SHOULD CONSIDER BEFORE MAKING ANY VOTING DECISION. Shareholders can obtain these documents free of charge from the SEC's website at www.sec.gov. Copies of the documents filed with the SEC by Wright are available free of charge on Wright's website, www.wright.com, or by contacting Wright's investor relations department at julie.dewey@wright.com.

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