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What Is A Negligent Security Lawsuit, And How To Win

WESTON, Fla., Nov.
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WESTON, Fla., Nov. 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- A crime victim in Florida may have different options to get compensation to help with pain and suffering, medical expenses, and more as a result of an apartment complex shooting, day care molestation, ATM sexual assault, or shooting at a shopping center. In the criminal case, the State Attorney often focuses on punishing a criminal. In a civil case, the victim looks at the crime itself to see if it was preventable or foreseeable. If so, the victim may be able to pursue a negligent security lawsuit against an apartment complex, shopping center or business who contributed to the injuries or wrongful death.

Some common types of negligent security lawsuits:

1.      Apartment complex shooting

If a tenant or guest is shot at an apartment complex in Florida, the victim or victim's family may be able to file a negligent security lawsuit against the apartment complex if the property had a history of violent crime, or if the complex was in a high crime area. If the shooter was a resident or guest, the apartment complex could be responsible if they didn't conduct an adequate background check or have adequate security or processes in place to deter or prevent crime.

2.      Day care child molestation

When you entrust your child to another, you expect that the school or day care will have proper procedures in place to keep your child safe. A day care facility may be liable for failing to conduct adequate background checks on its employees, negligence in hiring unskilled workers, or negligence in retaining employees with allegations of abuse or neglect.

3.      ATM sexual assault

Banks have a general duty to keep their property safe from foreseeable crime. Many banks have overgrown shrubs or improperly constructed buildings which give a criminal adequate ground to hide and assault an unsuspecting victim.

4.      Shopping center assault

Malls and shopping centers in high crime areas should protect their customers from foreseeable crime. If a customer is shot and killed or paralyzed in a mall or shopping center parking lot, the business may be responsible for the victim's injuries.

Potential damages may include pain and suffering, medical expenses, funeral expenses and more.

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