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Well-Being Trailblazers Awarded For Transforming The Workplace LIVE On July 14

PHILADELPHIA, June 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The first-ever Well-Being Trailblazer competition sought to find and award the nation's most innovative worksite well-being companies.

PHILADELPHIA, June 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The first-ever Well-Being Trailblazer competition sought to find and award the nation's most innovative worksite well-being companies. After a rigorous review, Archetype Solutions Group and The Wellness Council of America (WELCOA) are excited to award four innovative companies on July 14. The four awardees will be featured in a live-streamed event where they will be interviewed by industry thought leaders. Those who tune in for the LIVE event will vote for the 'People's Choice Award, ' which is still up for grabs for these four companies.

The four Well-Being Trailblazers are truly designing solutions for holistic well-being—their solutions recognize that employees already want to be well and are innovating to reduce barriers that get in the way of humans thriving and flourishing.

"The future of well-being technology, product, and service companies will be defined by their ability to innovate for what is next," says Sara Martin, CEO of The Wellness Council of America (WELCOA).

These companies have made meaningful contributions to workplace health and employees' abilities to lead a healthy, resilient, and fulfilling life.

2021's Well-Being Trailblazers Are:

Wellview Health -A provider of health services that help employees navigate the complex healthcare landscape and improve preventative care engagement.

Peerfit -A digital health platform empowering employees of all ages to improve their physical well-being by taking part in group fitness activities.

LearnLux -A financial well-being platform and coaching service that provides equitable and accessible solutions for improving employees' financial literacy and well-being.

UnMind -A mental health platform using clinical psychology and technology to help employees measure and manage their own mental health across seven key areas of well-being.

"Today, workplace health companies need to innovate to meet the unprecedented and growing challenges every employee faces to stay well. Each Trailblazer we have selected this year is making a demonstrable impact through their product or service, and they have done so in unique ways," says Chetan Bagga, CEO at Archetype Solutions Group.

You do not want to miss out on meeting these trailblazing companies. Fill out the form here to receive the special invite to attend the live-streamed event on July 14.

About Archetype Solutions Group: At Archetype Solutions Group, we empower growth in companies in the workplace health, wealth, and performance sectors with a unique strategy, divided into two arms: consulting and venture. Our consulting work specializes in bringing start-up like agility to enterprises in the middle market. Our ventures leverage shared services through Archetype and capital via the Arc Alpha Fund.

About WELCOA: WELCOA is one of the nation's most-respected resources for building high-performing, healthy workplaces. With a 30-year history, more than 4,000 corporate members, and 30,000 additional members and subscribers, WELCOA has an impeccable reputation for helping business and health professionals improve employee well-being and create healthier organizational cultures.

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