Water Pressure Technologies LLC Announces The Recent Patent Issue For Its ShowerBlast Product Offering

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HOLMDEL, N.J., July 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Water Pressure Technologies LLC announces the recent patent issue for its ShowerBlast product offering. With less than ten minutes of installation time, the low voltage battery operated shower booster pump revolutionizes showers by delivering two to three times the amount of water pressure without reducing the water flow from the showerhead.

It's inventor, Chris Murtagh, a 40-year veteran of the pump industry, noticed declining water pressure to homes and apartments through his career. "This decline in pressure is due to decaying and leaking infrastructure, reducing pressure to the home," said Murtagh, "and as homeowners lose trust in the quality of their water, they purchase more water filtration devices, leading to even further reduced pressure."

Unlike shower heads designed to simulate slight increases in water pressure from internal design flow settings, ShowerBlast is a centrifugal pump that increases pressure as much as 150% without increasing the flow rate!

In high rise markets that depend upon gravity tanks to supply water to the building, the addition of ShowerBlast to the bathroom fixture is welcomed, and truly a game-changer for New Yorkers. What makes the product unique? "ShowerBlast is provided with a built-in pressure dial that allows the user to increase or decrease pressure output as desired, with a battery that can last over two weeks. Even changing the battery is as simple as a twist," Murtagh concluded.

With this product, Mr. Murtagh expects to see a reduction in shower times for lower pressure output showers from an average of 12 minutes to 8 minutes, saving an average of 10 gallons per shower. With expected 20% of US households with low pressure showers (or 50 Million) and 75% of Americans showering each day, ShowerBlast means less than 40 Million low pressure showers--each with the potential to save 10 gallons of fresh water per day for total savings of slightly less than 150 Billion gallons per year. 

Water Pressure Technologies LLC is finalizing its production designs and expects a full product release in 2022. 

About Water Pressure Technologies LCC:  Water Pressure Technologies LLC is a New Jersey based entity focused on new products innovations for water and energy savings!

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