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Visionary Thriller THE SERPENT'S THRONE Suggests That Dreams Can Be A Parallel Reality … Created By A Separate Consciousness

SINGAPORE, May 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- International author V.S.

SINGAPORE, May 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- International author V.S. Marlowe's THE SERPENT'S THRONE -- a new thriller that claims the battle to save earth's climate and human civilization has already been lost -- is based on evidence that the human dream state is not only a vivid internal experience but at certain times a parallel plane of reality… a reality outside the dreamer and possibly arising from an external consciousness.

Marlowe, who previously surfaced THE LAST MESSIAH, now says he has new material from intelligence services showing that they were so intrigued by the dream experiences of an informant, they used his dreams to shape intelligence operations. Related accounts of mass or collective dreaming in 2019 are being studied to see if they are truly authentic preternatural visionary experiences, or evidence of external scripting or manipulation.

THE SERPENT'S THRONE is now available as an Amazon Kindle ebook for $9.99 at

THE SERPENT'S THRONE is available as a paperback for $19.99 at 

"My sources aren't able to explain the mechanics of this informant's dreams or the mass collective dreaming alleged to have happened in different locales in fall 2019 …but the dreams corresponded enough with past and present apocalyptic events that they were given credence by serious intelligence officers," claims Marlowe. "At the same time they are trying to avoid creating panic, when environmental breakdown is now being joined by unexplained psychological and psychic phenomena."

Marlowe says that his sources brought the material to him and asked him to release it publicly. As always, he questions their motives and agenda. He says the sources could be friendly or hostile intelligence services.

The book's narrator is a US energy trader, recording his interactions with suspected covert agents as well as preternatural encounters with animals, native shamans, dreams and historical texts.

The narrative is set on the Mexican Pacific coast, and draws both on ancient history and the present to warn of fatal crisis in the oceans and atmosphere, pandemic threat to humans and actual historical accounts of a pre-Columbian Pacific cataclysm that seems tied to the world's future.  

Marlowe's preceding books published under his real name have drawn praise from U.S. Presidents and international leaders, as well as Kirkus, Publishers Weekly, The Chicago Tribune and Knight Ridder.

For more information, or to request an interview with V.S. Marlowe, call him on Skype at VSMarlowe, or email him at

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