VironAire Donates 200 Medical-Grade HEPA Air Purifiers To Assist Oregon Region With Toxic Wildfire Smoke And Covid Delta Variant

VironAire Donates 200 HEPA Purifiers to Combat Smoke and Covid Variants in Oregon Area
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PALM SPRINGS, Calif., Aug. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- VironAire ( announced its donation of 200 medical-grade HEPA air purifiers to the Oregon region to assist with toxic smoke from the 400,000-acre Bootleg Fire and an alarming rise in Covid-19 Delta Variant cases. Oregon, and many states east stretching to Maine and New York, have felt devastating effects of extremely poor air quality. Unhealthy respiratory alerts have been issued across the nation due to wildfires. Abysmal air quality has exacerbated an already serious increase in the coronavirus epidemic where the Delta Variant is also airborne.

Far Reaching Noxious Smoke

For example, The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) issued air quality advisories for much of the state last week, as smoke from Pacific Coast wildfires made air unhealthy to breathe for some individuals. Many locations in the state now have air pollution levels classified as unhealthy by the MassDEP. Importantly and equally concerning is indoor air quality can also drop into negative conditions.

Covid Delta Variant

Scientists studying Covid-19 affirmed Delta's increased contagiousness which requires a rethinking of exposure risks. Because those infected with Delta carry higher viral loads than earlier strains, the old rules of thumb no longer apply, including the conventional wisdom that it took 15 minutes of close contact with someone to get infected which now seems to be much less with Delta. In addition, those who are fully vaccinated can still contract Delta and—unlike earlier variants—can transmit this aggressive virus to others.

Much Welcomed Relief

Scott Crystal, VironAire CRO, said, "We are experiencing an unprecedented confluence of airborne threats. VironAire is morally obligated to provide welcomed relief to affected areas of the country to the extent we can help."

About VironAire

VironAire is a medical equipment manufacturer based in Palm Springs, CA. The company has developed the only medical-grade, portable HEPA (H13), UV, and Charged-Ion air purifier that also incorporates photocatalysis, molecular sieve and other cutting-edge technologies. The company's Next-Gen purifiers are affordable, simple to install and easy to use. VironAire's systems are used in a vast array of applications, from homes, schools, and businesses, and is the number one preferred choice of knowledgeable consumers.

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