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Veteran PBS Producer TJ Lubinsky Presents National Talent Search For "The Next '50s & '60s Pop, Soul And Doo-Wop Star"

PITTSBURGH, Oct. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Starting today, aspiring Acapella and vocal group harmony singers are invited to audition for  The Next '50s & '60s Pop, Soul and Doo-Wop Star  worldwide talent search.

PITTSBURGH, Oct. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Starting today, aspiring Acapella and vocal group harmony singers are invited to audition for  The Next '50s & '60s Pop, Soul and Doo-Wop Star  worldwide talent search. The effort will culminate with a national PBS special in 2022 commemorating the classic 1950s and 1960s pop, soul and doo-wop eras in American musical history.

The Next '50s & '60s Pop, Soul and Doo-Wop Star  talent search is being conducted by famed PBS  My Music  series producer TJ Lubinsky of TJL Productions. Since 1993, his dozens of concert and retrospective specials have been enjoyed by tens of millions of viewers and have helped raise more than $2 billion for public television. "If you've ever wanted to be an "oldies" pop, soul or doo-wop star," Lubinsky says, "this is your big chance to be seen nationwide." 

To preserve the legendary music of yesteryear, Lubinsky's  The  Next '50s  &  '60s Pop, Soul and Doo - Wop Star  talent search seeks to discover, record and celebrate singers who can accurately channel the iconic artists of the 1950s and 1960s. "We're looking for the unknown voices of today who can recreate the vocal phrasing, musical arrangements and spirited choreography of the originals," says Lubinsky.

While many of the artists who introduced the favorite hit songs of the past are no longer with us, Lubinsky enthusiastically reflects that this uniquely American form of music still has a huge fan base globally.  "At every one of our shows," he says, "the audience mouths the words as they are brought back to the first time they heard the music. But the 50s and 60s oldies genre in particular is in danger of dying unless a new generation is found to bring the music forward. I'm going to make sure that happens!"

As college acapella competitions, stage shows and YouTube videos prove, there are enormously talented young individuals and groups who are keeping the 1950s and 1960s oldies tradition alive. "We're going to find them," Lubinsky says, "and share them with the world."

How to Audition Guidelines for groups and individuals who wish to be considered for auditions are on the  The Next Doo-Wop Star website One audition may be submitted per entity. Deadline for submissions is December 24, 2021.

About TJ Lubinsky TJ Lubinsky  is the creator of the most successful music fund-raising programming in the history of Public Broadcasting System. ''Very few people can say they have a calling in life. I'm lucky to have found one,'' he told  The New York Times .

Lubinsky's long-running  My Music fundraising series on public television features historic musical reunions, archival specials and interviews including hundreds of performers. His programs span doo-wop to disco, folk to funk, Motown to big band and country-pop to rock and roll. Highlights include   ' 60s Pop, Rock  &  Soul (hosted by Peter Noone),  The British Beat (hosted by Petula Clark),  Burt Bacharach's Best Aretha Franklin's Soul Rewind,  John Sebastian's Folk RewindClose To You: Remembering The Carpenters and many more.

Lubinsky grew up with the sounds of R & B, oldies, gospel and jazz that inspired his deep knowledge and passion for music. He is the third generation of his family in the music business and is also the Friday night disc-jockey on his show which streams online worldwide.

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