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USClaims Makes Top 50 Innovative Companies Watchlist For 2021


DELRAY BEACH, Fla., Sept. 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- USClaims, the longest continuously operating pre-settlement funding firm in the U.S., was selected by The Silicon Review as one of the Top 50 Innovative Companies to watch in 2021. This coveted designation is reserved for a select few who are spearheading positive transformation in their respected category of business. 

"We are proud to be recognized as one of the top innovative companies to watch this year and the only litigation funding company to make the list," said Steve Bashmakov, CEO of USClaims. "We have improved our process and uncovered efficiencies which streamline the speed in which our clients receive the financial resources necessary to see their personal injury case to fruition. As the longest operating pre-settlement litigation funding firm in the United States, we aim to change the perspective of the pre-settlement funding industry and, most importantly, to become a major asset to trial attorneys."

USClaims over the past 25 years has been helping plaintiffs and attorneys in the battle to protect their clients' rights. Help comes in the form of non-recourse financial support to personal injury victims. This financial support provides injured plaintiffs the means to pay their personal bills to ensure they can see their case through to settlement.  

Litigation financing is often sought out by a plaintiff with a personal injury case and a pending lawsuit applying for an advance. USClaims will review their request, discuss their case with the handling law firm and once approved, a purchase agreement is sent and ultimately the funds are forwarded to the plaintiff, typically within 24 hours. These funds can be used for personal expenses, such as medical bills, tuition, and utilities. Unlike credit cards, personal loans, and other sources of financing, the plaintiff and their attorney have no obligation to pay USClaims unless the case is successful, and proceeds are received. Providing litigation financing at the speed and volume in which USClaims does is just one of the many reasons why they were recognized as a top innovative company to watch.  

Mr. Steve Bashmakov closed by saying "Our mission is to make Litigation Funding Simplified ®. As we invest in our company and our people to deliver on this promise, we aim to continue innovating in this space for years to come."

About US Claims: For 25 years, USClaims ( ) has been one of America's largest providers of non-recourse financial support to personal injury victims, some of whom may have suffered catastrophic injuries from defective products, unsafe premises, motor vehicle accidents, and other types of accidents. This financial support provides the injured plaintiff with the means to pay bills and endure the often long and arduous litigation process. USClaims is here to help plaintiffs and their attorneys stay in the fight. For additional information on USClaims' pre-settlement funding, please call (877) 872-5246 or visit

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