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Trending Today On Fox Business Features Marketplace Leaders Making Headlines

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Trending Today , an award-winning show airing on Fox Business on Saturdays at 12:30 pm EST, profiles marketplace leaders making business news headlines.

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Trending Today , an award-winning show airing on Fox Business on Saturdays at 12:30 pm EST, profiles marketplace leaders making business news headlines. Art Basel, Miami Beach sets the scene for the latest episode profiling artists and entrepreneurs innovating the marketplace. Trending Today traveled to Miami Beach for the global art fair, where artists, collectors, and celebrities converge for the business of blue-chip art. Other headliners in the latest episode include the following companies:

Quality Enterprises , a family-owned business focused on civil and large-scale construction projects, earned its INC. 5000 ranking for its 52-year legacy. "My grandfather started the business in 1969 out of Virginia Beach, Virginia, as a small electrical company. We do underground utilities, paving, concrete, and directional drilling. Our goal is to self-perform the entire project," says Allison Murrell, Chief Information Officer of Quality Enterprises. Today, the company resides in Naples, Florida, and has built a reputation for its directional drilling capabilities that reduce traffic disruptions during the construction process.

Stirista , a data-driven company based in San Antonio, Texas, made the INC. 5000 list for making the most of marketing dollars. The company uses proprietary data solutions to match marketing campaigns with ideal customers. "Stirista has data sets that we utilize for companies to make their data better or take our data to find new customers," says Ajay Gupta, C.E.O. Stirista. Stirista's omnichannel targeting matches the interests and knowledge of potential customers with marketing campaigns. "Our data is the best of the breed. Instead of spraying and praying and trying to hit anybody and everybody with your impressions, the idea is to efficiently and effectively spend your budget," says Brain Gold, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Stirista.

Ink Factory,  based in Chicago, Illinois, is making business news headlines for its visual notetaking that transforms the way companies communicate complex information. "Ink Factory is a visual communications firm that specializes in visual notetaking. We take complex information and draw those words and pictures to make it more accessible and easy to understand. We can do that in a live format or with videos and illustrations. We also teach what we do," says Dusty Folwarczny, Co-founder and C.E.O. of Ink Factory. The company uses visuals to make connections between the content and the audience. "Our mission is to create visual experiences that inspire and engage. We pair with that our vision of a world where visuals are a universal language," says Ryan Robinson, Co-founder and C.M.O. of Ink Factory.

Trending Today also introduces you to the couple who launched a reality show about Overlanding, a form of adventure travel that goes off the road and sometimes off the grid to explore the world's remote places. Clay and Rachelle Croft founded Expedition Overland  in 2010, investing their life savings to inspire people to transform their lives through travel. "At the end of the road, you realize that it's just the end of the road. It's what's in between them," says Clay Croft about exploring off the beaten path. "What drives the series is the opportunity to inspire, educate and equip our community of Overlanders." Episodes air on The Overlander Network and Amazon Prime.

The latest episode of Trending Today is now streaming on Binge Networks and YouTube.

About Trending Today:Trending Today is a business show that features entrepreneurs and companies disrupting and innovating the business world. Learn how they build their brands as guests share their stories, passion, knowledge, and expertise to inspire entrepreneurship. Trending Today airs on Fox Business on Saturdays at 12:30 pm EST. Learn more about the show at

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