Tivity Health Survey Series Reveals COVID-19 Impact On Older Adults

Virtual Exercise Options Provide Seniors Critical Access to Fitness and Social Connection during COVID-19 pandemic
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NASHVILLE, Tenn., Aug. 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Tivity Health ®, a leading national provider of fitness, nutrition and healthy lifestyle solutions including SilverSneakers ®, Nutrisystem ® and Prime ® Fitness, has released national survey findings revealing how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted U.S. populations.

As the COVID-19 crisis continues, over a number of months, Tivity Health has conducted 10 surveys each polling up to 5,000 SilverSneakers members covering all U.S. regions. The findings reveal COVID-19 has increased stress and anxiety in older adults, and that on average respondents are embracing the variety of SilverSneakers virtual exercise solutions available to them.

The survey also found that 77 percent of members overall plan to return to the gym or community center once deemed safe, with 84 percent of adults planning to return to the gym "within one month" after it is deemed safe. As we continue to navigate through the pandemic, virtual fitness classes will play a critical role in maintaining a healthy fitness regimen for millions.

"Understanding and addressing the needs of our members has never been more important, and these survey results enable us to continue to focus on the best solutions to serve seniors and our health plans during this uncertain time," said Richard Ashworth, president and CEO of Tivity Health. "From launching virtual fitness classes via Facebook Live to offering hundreds of instructor led SilverSneakers ® LIVE and Flex online fitness classes for our SilverSneakers members, we've adapted to meet their needs. While virtual exercise options used to be temporary alternatives to the gym, this is no longer the case, and our online and digital offerings have truly become another vital way to consume fitness, maintain health and form critical social connections."

Impact of COVID-19 on Senior Populations

Survey findings showed the number of seniors tripled after the pandemic who responded they "often lack companionship as well as feel isolated compared to before the COVID-19 pandemic." To mitigate social isolation and loneliness, these seniors have successfully embraced online video interactions to form social connections. According to the survey, 74 percent of respondents said they now are using video calls or live streaming for medical appointments, socializing or taking SilverSneakers LIVE digital fitness classes.

Additionally, seniors are more stressed and anxious since COVID-19 began. Three times as many respondents post-COVID-19 have reported that they experience stress or anxiety every day.

Seniors Adopt Virtual Exercise Options

There are opportunities to improve the physical and mental health of seniors via digital options. As COVID-19 forced statewide shutdowns across the U.S., to best encourage continued healthy behaviors during quarantine, Tivity Health's signature SilverSneakers program pivoted from traditional gym classes to completely digital or live streaming classes.

SilverSneakers Facebook Live classes launched March 19 and instructor led SilverSneakers LIVE classes launched April 6, allowing members to stay physically active, socially connected and able to adhere to a consistent routine while isolating. To date, SilverSneakers has recorded 10.2 million Facebook Live views with consistent attendance weekly, and 93 percent of all members surveyed said they are "still taking part in some form of exercise" despite COVID-19 forcing fitness location closures and statewide mandates.

While many SilverSneakers members are accessing online options because their fitness locations are closed or offering limited services, 25 percent of online participants had never previously utilized the benefit. As the threat of COVID-19 continues, 99 percent of reported SilverSneakers LIVE participants plan to attend future classes and 56 percent plan to take two to three classes per week.

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