Tivity Health Appoints Healthcare Industry Veteran Richard Ashworth President And CEO

Healthcare leader brings wealth of operational, consumer and business development experience
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NASHVILLE, Tenn., May 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Tivity Health ®, Inc. (Nasdaq: TVTY), a leading provider of fitness, nutrition and social engagement solutions, announced today that its Board of Directors has appointed Richard Ashworth as President and Chief Executive Officer effective June 1. Ashworth most recently served as the president of Walgreens, where he was responsible for developing the strategies and plans for all Walgreens operations including leadership, development and management of the business. He will also serve on Tivity Health's Board of Directors.

In his nearly 30-year career with Walgreens, Ashworth helped lead the transformation of the brand to become a global leader in pharmacy and health and wellness. Ashworth served as President of Operations from November 2017 to February 2020. Ashworth led the Company's pharmacy segment as President of Pharmacy and Retail Operations from 2014 to 2017. In 2013, Ashworth also led the development and delivery of the healthcare strategy for the Company's strategic partnership with U.K.-based Alliance Boots, which Walgreens later acquired.

"We are excited to bring someone with Richard's extensive background in health and wellness to Tivity Health. Richard has significant experience navigating a rapidly changing healthcare landscape while serving a portfolio of large customers and individual consumers in the intensely competitive retail realm," said Anthony Sanfilippo, Chairman of the Board of Directors. "We conducted a thorough search and we believe Richard is the right person to lead the Tivity Health team. Richard will leverage our core capabilities in healthcare and consumer-focused nutrition programs to deliver market-leading solutions that focus on profitable revenue growth. With a disciplined approach to managing the business, we are confident Richard will move the Company forward as a leading provider of healthy lifestyle solutions that improve health and lower healthcare costs."

"Tivity Health is a leader in helping adults adopt healthier behavior through physical activity, nutrition and weight loss, and social engagement solutions. I am excited to partner with our Medicare Advantage clients who invest in the health and well-being of millions of beneficiaries," said Ashworth. "I look forward to building on the Company's 30-year history and its deep relationships with health plan clients and employers, while charting a course for growth to build Tivity Health's trusted brands to deliver even greater value to our shareholders, consumers, clients, partners, and colleagues."

Richard will be stepping into a role that has been filled by Bob Greczyn, Interim CEO, since February 19, 2020. Greczyn has been a member of the Tivity Health Board of Directors since 2015 and has over 30 years of leadership experience in managed care and healthcare.

"Bob has been an exceptional Interim CEO. In the months that he has led the Company, the country has been disrupted by a global pandemic which immediately changed how all businesses operate," said Sanfilippo. "On behalf of the Board, we thank Bob for agreeing to serve as Interim CEO and for actively galvanizing and inspiring our colleagues to move the Company forward. Our Tivity Health team, through Bob's leadership, and with prompt and innovative action, has continued to serve our members and customers, providing solutions to promote a better and healthier lifestyle. We're fortunate that we will continue to benefit from Bob's experience as a member of the Board."

Ashworth has a Doctor of Pharmacy degree (PharmD), and a master's degree in business administration. He will be based at Tivity Health's Franklin, TN campus.

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the Company's ability to add and/or retain paid subscribers in its Prime Fitness program; the impact of severe or adverse weather conditions, the current COVID-19 pandemic, and the potential emergence of additional health pandemics or infectious disease outbreaks on member participation in the Company's Healthcare segment programs; the impact of healthcare reform on the Company's business; the effectiveness of the Company's marketing and advertising programs; loss of, or disruption in the business of, any of the Company's food suppliers or the Company's fulfillment provider, or disruptions in the shipping of the Company's food products for its Nutrition segment; the impact of claims that the Company's Nutrition segment personnel are unqualified to provide proper weight loss advice; the impact of health- or advertising-related claims by the Company's Nutrition segment customers; competition from other weight management industry participants or the development of more effective or more favorably perceived weight management methods; loss of any of the Company's Nutrition segment third-party retailer agreements and any obligations associated with such loss, or a reduction of orders for Company products by any such third-party retailers or reduced promotion by such third-party retailers of Company products; the Company's ability to continue to develop innovative weight loss programs and enhance its existing programs, or the failure of the Company's programs to continue to appeal to the market; the impact of claims from the Company's Nutrition segment competitors regarding advertising or other marketing practices; the Company's ability to develop and commercially introduce new products and services; the Company's ability to receive referrals from existing Nutrition segment customers, a decline in which could adversely impact the Company's customer acquisition costs; failure to attract spokespersons or negative publicity with respect to any of the Company's spokespersons; the Company's ability to anticipate change and respond to emerging trends for customer preferences and the impact of the same on demand for the Company's services and products; the seasonality of the business of the Company's Nutrition segment, particularly with respect to diet season; negative publicity with respect to the weight loss industry; the impact of increased governmental regulation on the Company's Nutrition segment; a significant portion of the Company's Nutrition segment revenue depends on the Company's ability to sustain subscriptions of its Nutrition segment's programs, and cancellations could impact the Company's future operating results; claims arising from the sale of ingested products; and other risks detailed in the Company's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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