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This One's For The Ladies! Country Life Vitamins Launches Women's Line: The Complete Support For HER Cycle™

The Vitamin & Supplement Brand Puts Female Care First with products designed for HER everyday needs at different stages of life

NEW YORK, Sept. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Country Life Vitamins introduces a brand new Women's Lineof supplements formulated specifically to target female hormones and body functions, that works to promote strong and healthy female minds and bodies. The line was developed with women's unique needs in mind to ensure that women everywhere can look and feel their best from the inside out.

Country Life Vitamins Launches Women's Line: The Complete Support for HER Cycle™

Country Life Vitamins' Women's Line includes four distinct plant-based formulas - PMS Rescue, Menopause Rescue, Libido Rescueand Urinary Tract Care. Each supplement is made specifically for women, targeting key aspects of the female body to help ensure that women get the care and support they need to power their greatness on a daily basis.

Each of the four new formulas is certified gluten free, vegan (PMS Rescue & Urinary Tract Care), vegetarian (Libido Rescue & Menopause Rescue) and comes in a convenient blister pack--a testament to Country Life Vitamins' ongoing commitment to clean ingredients and products that target individual health needs. A list of individual benefits and product details can be found below:

  1. PMS Rescue:
    1. Targeted PMS Support
    2. Helps reduce PMS symptoms like cramps, water retention, moodiness, breast tenderness and more
  2. Menopause Rescue:
    1. Multi-component menopause formula improves menopausal women's quality of life
    2. Reduces hot flashes, night sweats, fatigue
  3. Libido Rescue:
    1. Maximum sexual health formula
    2. Promotes arousal and desire, calm and relaxed mood, healthy hormonal levels  
  4. Urinary Tract Care:
    1. Advanced urinary tract support
    2. Helps maintain a healthy urinary tract
    3. Cleanses the bladder

"When we created this particular line of supplements, we wanted to really target a woman's daily needs, regardless of what stage of life she is currently in," said Dr. Audrey Ross, Senior National Educator at Country Life Vitamins. "The Women's Line is something we are very proud of and that we hope will make a real difference in the health and wellness of our female customers. We look forward to seeing real, lasting results in their overall well-being as a result."

The Women's Line is now available on for purchase in 60 capsule 30-day supply packs. For more information, visit @countrylifevitamins .

About Country Life VitaminsCountry Life Vitamins has been dedicated to providing consumers with nutritional and lifestyle products for 50 years. With the goal of empowering individuals on their personal journeys, the team at Country Life Vitamins has made it their mission to offer the supplementation necessary to live a more fulfilling life. For decades, Country Life Vitamins has been a leading source for wellness education and a trusted shop for natural products that are ethically made with the highest quality raw ingredients and proud to be backed by the B-Corp standard. From multi-vitamins and minerals to fitness optimization and skincare, Country Life Vitamins celebrates inclusivity, individuality and ultimately provides consumers with the tools-and encouragement -to power their greatness in all facets of life.

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