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Think-X And Student Edge Team Up To Help Students Prepare For Their Careers Through Better Thinking

The patented Think-X career development and coaching platform develops critical soft skills and resilience for measurably better student mental well-being, academic performance and overall career development.
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SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif., Dec. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Think-X, a leading provider of the patented human performance and coaching platform, today announces its partnership with Student Edge, the largest member-based organization of high school and university students in Australia. As a result of this partnership, over 1.2 million members can receive a free career development report by Think-X and optionally participate in a personalized coaching program. Students will develop the soft skills necessary to become resilient in a changing world as they prepare themselves for the real and changing world of work.

"We are thrilled to offer our students a very important learning pathway and critical element to their real-life skillset, which is the ability to build resilience through better thinking," said Craig Chetty, CEO and Co-Founder of Student Edge. "Our goal from the beginning is to help students gain a competitive edge as they process career and life choices and Think-X really focuses on how our students think about themselves and the world around them."

"Our unique combination of a patented diagnostic, innovative technology and personalized coaching at scale yields breakthroughs in performance-oriented thinking with tangible results", said Ted Malley, Think-X CEO. "Our methodology will help students gain confidence and control in every area of their lives through better thinking. We are what we think about ourselves and our ability to overcome is directly related to our thinking patterns."

Students will have access to coaching and career development products by Think-X through Student Edge in early 2022.

About Student Edge

Student Edge is the largest member-based organization of high school, TAFE, VET and university students in Australia with over 1.2 million registered students. By allowing students to form and feel part of a larger collective, Student Edge is able to harness the power of the student community to support each other and give Australia's youth an advantage.

About Think-X

Think-X scientifically discovers and activates human performance. Our 10-minute patented diagnostic identifies the specific subconscious thinking that is either positively or negatively impacting individual well-being and overall success. Derived from years of cognitive therapy and the latest developments in neuroscience, Think-X provides measurable results for individuals and organizations alike.


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