The Market Is Ripe For Senior Housing Investors In Baja California, Mexico

The Steep Increase of Assisted Living Costs in the U.S. Foreshadows Unprecedented Demand for Senior Living Communities in Northern Baja. By Baja Real Estate Group, a Mexico Real Estate Brokerage.
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ROSARITO BEACH, México, July 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The rising costs of senior living in the U.S. and the shortage of facilities have turned the eyes of both seniors and developers to Mexico. Hot new opportunities for investors in the Care Industry abound in the area. The proximity to the United States border, an affordable lifestyle, oceanfront scenery, and the gentle weather have made the Northern Baja an increasingly desirable spot for American retirees.

Real estate agents in the region have witnessed the trend firsthand. "The prime example is Rancho Daisy," says Max Katz, President of Baja Real Estate Group. Katz is referring to a stunning, 47-acre ranch-style property overlooking the Pacific Ocean, which the group listed a couple of weeks ago. Though large properties such as these usually take months to attract serious buyers, Katz received "three calls within a week from the announcement from serious investors, from the U.S. and Mexico, all asking if the property would be suitable for a retirement community."

His answer was a resounding yes: "The grounds are ideal for a private community development." The ranch, which currently hosts a flower production business, would be an ideal place for a senior community in Baja. The growing interest of investors seems to go in hand with the inquiries the Baja Real Estate Group has received in the last year from seniors and families looking for "American-style assisted living or independent living housing in Rosarito and Ensenada."

Prime Spot for Senior Living Development in Baja Rancho Daisy is undoubtedly a prime spot for investors looking to develop senior living housing in Baja, California. Just an hour South of the US-Mexico border, Rancho Daisy is located on the peaceful slopes of Descanso Bay, overlooking the dunes. This huge piece of land is both accessible and serene.

The property's amenities include a water well and a desalinization plant that produces 80 gallons of water per minute. While some developers in this area most often strive for access to basic utilities, Rancho Daisy is already outfitted with electricity and water supply. It is easily accessible from the main road, close to the city of Ensenada and Tijuana.

Growing Need of Senior Housing in Rosarito and Ensenada In 2020, assisted living costs rose by an average of 6.15% in the United States. And contrary to predictions, the general real estate market heated to pre-2008 prices across the Country, creating a ripple effect on senior housing. In California, the median cost of a house increased by a whopping 20%. According to experts, the shortage of skilled labor has also increased the costs of assisted living. The logistical and financial challenges brought on by the pandemic have steepened the lack of options for seniors.

Mexico, on the other hand, boasts an abundant and skilled workforce, especially in the care sector, and an affordable lifestyle. Northern Baja Coast is home to many American retirees, however, there aren't enough communities that offer medical and daily care for seniors. AMAR (the Spanish acronym for the Association for Assisted Living in Mexico), shows only one assisted living community in Rosarito. "The opportunity is there, the need is there, the land is there," says Katz. "It only needs the right investor to run with it."

In a recent interview with AARP, Former Mexican President, Vicente Fox, stated that Mexico was the logical place for Baby Boomers to relocate in their retiring age. " Mexico is a great place to live and enjoy, so, come with peace of mind, feel safe," he said. The median age of Mexico's population is 29 years old, meaning there is a plentiful and energetic group willing to take care of the elders. Moreover, in Mexican culture, it is customary for family members to take care of aging parents and grandparents. Active seniors who don't wish to join a community can easily secure the services of a private caretaker, and it is easy and costs a fraction of the price of what it might in the U.S.

Northern Baja's proximity to the San Diego border, along with a better lifestyle at a fraction of a price, is the reason Americans are flocking to the Rosarito- Ensenada corridor, eager to live and invest in the region.

About Rancho Daisy Rancho Daisy represents the ultimate real estate investing opportunity. Located among the slopes of El Descanso, and overlooking the sand dunes of Descanso Bay, this huge piece of land is ideal for private community development.

  •     State: Baja California
  •     City: Rosarito Beach
  •     Community: Descanso
  •     Type: For Sale
  •     Category: Lots and Land
  •     Market Status: Available
  •     Type: For Sale
  •     Area: 2078.48 sq ft
  •     Lot size: 47.71 acres
  •     Location: 40 minutes South of the U.S.- Mexico border / 20 minutes North of Ensenada, B.C.

The fertile grounds of Rancho Daisy currently host a flower production business, and some construction is present. Amenities include a water well, a desalinization plant that produces 80 gallons per minute, city water supply, electricity, phone service access, and easy access from the main road. The West frontage extends 1,830 feet along the Rosarito- Ensenada toll road. Rancho Daisy is a developers' dream and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own land along Mexico's Pacific Coastline.

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