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The Israel Diamond Center To Make History In "Jewellery Arabia" In Bahrain Next Month

Inspired By Sakharat Al-Maraj, "the Rock Of Ascension", and in the spirit of the historic Abraham Accords, the AlSakhra Collection - crafted with authentic Jerusalem Stone, Gold and Diamonds -- will be unveiled at the Jewelry Arabia 2021 exhibition in Bahrain. The Collection was designed by Mr. Avi Tavisal, founder of the Israel Diamond Center (IDC)

TEL AVIV, Israel, Oct. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ --  On November 16-20, Bahrain will host the Gulf Region's most prestigious international diamonds and jewelry exhibition 'Jewellery Arabia'. For the first time, in the spirit of the Abraham Accords, the Israeli diamond industry will be represented at the exhibition.

In honor of the occasion, Mr. Avi Tavisal, founder of the Israel Diamond Center (IDC) and one of the founders of the world-leading Israel Diamond Exchange, has designed and created the AlSakhra Collection, which will be on display in the company's booth.

A stunning collection of Islamic fine jewelry and collectors' art, AlSakhra was created in the spirit of Islamic faith and culture. The choice of the name "AlSakhra" for this special collection is a reference to the Sakharat Al-Maraj "the Rock of Ascension" from which Muhammad, peace be unto him, ascended to the heavens for his Night Journey, and the beautiful gilded Dome of the Rock above it. In reverence to the Islamic faith, the Collection is crafted with authentic Jerusalem Stone, Gold and Diamonds.

Avi Tavisal immediately agreed to the Israel Diamond Exchange's request to be among the first diamond and fine jewelry dealers to represent Israel at this important exhibition. In cooperation with a team of expert craftsmen, jewelers and advisors, he captures the beauty of Islam, Islamic history and culture in a complete line of AlSakhra jewelry and a collection of one-of-a-kind sculptures crafted from Jerusalem Stone, Gold, Diamonds and Gemstones. These Masterpieces are valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Mr. Shady Kheir, IDC's VP Business Development, explained, "The Abraham Accords motivated us to combine our vast experience in the diamond industry, artistic vision and great appreciation to the leaders who realized the historic peaceful relations in the region into this unique brand which has already stirred curiosity in the Gulf region.

" Israel is well known as the "Start-up Nation" and as the number one diamond exporter in the world. We are extremely delighted and honored to take part in this important event," said Kheir.

Jewellery Arabia is regularly attended by senior officials and respected dignitaries from the Emirates and all over the world. The Royal Family of Bahrain, which plays an active role in hosting the event, will be present throughout the exhibition and will take part in various related events.

Avi Tavisal, a seventh-generation Jerusalemite and member of his family's second generation engaged in the jewelry profession, said, "Today, we are making history. This is a very exciting and important development. Dealing with diamonds connects me to a very special place - diamonds saved my father's life during World War II and gave me a rare opportunity to become one of the founders of the Israeli Diamond Exchange and industry. It is a privilege to use my skills, creativity and faith to honor Islam and our partners in the historic Abraham Accords."

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