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The Independence Fund Welcomes Brave Afghan Combat Interpreter To Charlotte, NC Thanks To The Generous Support Of The Community


CHARLOTTE, N.C., Oct. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The Independence Fund is honored to announce the arrival of a family that recently was evacuated from Taliban controlled Afghanistan. "Johnny" served as a combat Interpreter during many hard fought battles during Operation Enduring Freedom, to include the 82nd Airborne Division's 2009-2010 deployment to Southern Afghanistan. Johnny served shoulder to shoulder with Bravo Company, a company that earned a Purple Heart rate of sixty percent due to constant engagement with the enemy. 

The Independence Fund is a proud coalition partner of Save our Allies, a group co-founded by The Independence Fund's CEO, Sarah Verardo. Save Our Allies, led by Special Operations Veterans, evacuated more than 12,500 American Citizens, Widows, Orphans, and Allies from Afghanistan to safety.  "As the wife and caregiver of a catastrophically wounded Veteran, I am honored to welcome these heroes to North Carolina," said Verardo. "My husband served with Johnny and I have heard from many of Johnny's US military brothers about his bravery, service, and sacrifice for America. Honoring the sacrifice of our Wartime Allies is a vital part of the security of our own nation - and keeping our moral obligation to our Allies remains among the highest priorities in the Veteran community."

Johnny is among the heroic Afghan Combat Interpreters evacuated from Afghanistan after the collapse of the Afghan Government in August. Johnny, his wife, and three daughters will make their home in North Carolina, where many of Johnny's 82nd Airborne Division brothers reside. Johnny's family was evacuated from Kabul after the Taliban seized his home following the collapse of the Afghan Government in August. The Independence Fund calls on all Americans to embrace our wartime Allies, and TIF looks to set the example of loving and welcoming our new neighbors. 

After two decades of war, many US Veterans feel a deep sense of camaraderie and brotherhood with their Afghan counterparts. A recent study from BSF and Welcome.Us found that 77% of the Veteran community believes we have an obligation to resettle Afghan evacuees, and 46% of the Veteran community have already taken action to help Afghan Allies. 

The Independence Fund has a longstanding history of supporting combat Interpreters by including Special Immigrant Visa recipients in the Fund's Veteran programming. TIF recognizes the shared experiences, and in many cases, lifesaving actions of combat Interpreters and calls on all Americans to welcome new Afghan Allies into the US. This welcome party and resettlement would not be possible without the generous support of a Weddington family who is helping Johnny's family achieve success, by providing housing directly to Johnny's family. Following a harrowing experience, Johnny's family was evacuated from Kabul thanks to tireless efforts of US Senator Thom Tillis. Senator Tillis and his team have worked arond the clock since August 14 to evacuate American Citizens and Afghan Allies from terrorist controlled Afghanistan.  

Media availability for The Independence Fund CEO Sarah Verardo and Interpreter Johnny will be at 4 PM EST on Wednesday, October 13 at Hunter Farm.

ABOUT THE INDEPENDENCE FUND:        Founded in 2007, The Independence Fund (501c3) is committed to empowering our nation's catastrophically wounded, injured, or ill Veterans to overcome physical, mental, and emotional wounds incurred in the line of duty. The Independence Fund is dedicated to improving the lives of Veterans and their families by providing tangible impact. Through the Fund's Mobility, Caregiver, Adaptive Sports, Advocacy, Suicide Prevention, Family, and Crisis Relief programs, The Independence Fund strives to bridge the gap of unmet needs for Veterans and their caregivers. The Independence Fund believes in fairness and equality for all veterans and families irrespective of race, gender, religion, and sexual orientation, and will continue to uphold these American values.

Contact: Ashley Skinner, Communications Manager (704) 712-5380

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