Tango Is Celebrating The Olympics With A Special Collection For Users And Streamers

Fans of the popular live streaming app have even more of a reason to celebrate as the 2020 Tokyo Olympics kicks off!
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MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., July 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- After a year of lockdown the nations of the world are united in celebrating the biggest sporting event on the planet - the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. From the Euro Cup to this massive event, it appears as though the world is embracing normality once again. To celebrate, Tango has a brand new collection of gifts that match the excitement and revelry of the Olympic Games.

Not everyone will be celebrating this return to normal in person: "I was planning to see the opening ceremony and even had a ticket for the 2020 event, but after Covid hit I decided not to go. I will be staying at home, feeling the energy of this amazing event all the way home,"  says Adachi-ku resident, Hirokazu. While many may decide to enjoy the event from the comfort of home, the start of the Olympics is being hailed as one of the first major steps back to a world of in-person international gatherings. In commemoration of this, Tango is releasing a new collection of gifts which match the spirit and optimism of the Tokyo Olympics.

Being one of the largest worldwide live streaming apps, Tango has managed to build a streaming experience that works to match the energy and scope of the games themselves. The app's new collection of gifts reflects the return of the games and allows users to support their favorite streamers while celebrating the 2020 Olympics. These include athletes, events, and even the most iconic Olympic symbols. 

"Our users appreciate it when we take a relevant issue and create a gift collection based on this global event - and it's no different with the Olympic Games! It's amazing to see our users' excitement when a e new collection comes out, as if it's a part of their support for the actual games happening in Tokyo," says Uri Raz, CEO of Tango.  In the past, gift collections have been released to celebrate the 2021 Euro Cup, world events, and even national and international holidays.

Tango community managers have also noticed an interesting trend - the timing of which seems set to match the Olympic Games as well. Athletes and acrobats are joining the streaming community in record numbers. Now, users everywhere have a chance to see some of the most talented and physically capable people who are joining the live streaming world to teach, interact, and show off their abilities. 

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