Synalloy Commits To Review Of Strategic Alternatives After Market And Global Health Pandemic Stabilization

The Board of Directors (the "Board") of Synalloy Corporation (Nasdaq: SYNL) (the "Company") today announced its commitment to engage a leading independent financial advisor to conduct a comprehensive review of strategic alternatives once there is...
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The Board of Directors (the "Board") of Synalloy Corporation (Nasdaq: SYNL) (the "Company") today announced its commitment to engage a leading independent financial advisor to conduct a comprehensive review of strategic alternatives once there is stabilization from the current market volatility and macroeconomic disruption related to the global health pandemic caused by COVID-19.

The Board believes that ensuring a stable business and management continuity during this period of extreme market volatility, and then commencing a comprehensive review of strategic alternatives in a more secure market environment, offers the most prudent and deliberate path forward to create liquidity and to maximize value for all shareholders. The review of strategic alternatives will consider all options, including a sale of all or parts of the Company, as well as continued governance and Board composition enhancements, balance sheet and business optimization and management succession in the event that a liquidity event does not take place.

"The Board and management team have a long tradition of listening to shareholders and actively considering all shareholder feedback. We have historically and consistently demonstrated a willingness to explore all options that might maximize value and provide liquidity to shareholders. Our interests as approximately 9% owners of the Company are, and always have been, aligned with our shareholders' interests," stated Murray H. Wright, Chairman of the Board.

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented global macro-economic headwinds that impact virtually every single public company in the United States, and Privet's and UPG's campaign to overhaul the Board, management team and Synalloy's business at this time of instability is, in the Board's opinion, ill-timed and unproductive. For Privet and UPG to initiate a speculative and untested business turnaround in the midst of this global crisis would, in the Board's view, destabilize the Company and its workforce and jeopardize shareholders' investments in Synalloy.

In addition to committing to a review of strategic alternatives, the Board has continued to engage with all shareholders. This includes efforts to engage with Privet and UPG, recently offering to them what the Board believes was a fair proposal, in a good-faith effort to resolve a costly and distracting proxy fight. The key terms of the Board's recent settlement proposal include:

  • Forming a strategic review committee for the purpose of reviewing the Company's strategy and capital allocation;
  • Offering Privet and UPG the right to designate two out of eight directors on the Board (the "Privet/UPG Designees"), with two incumbent directors resigning;
  • Agreeing to nominate the Privet/UPG Designees at the Company's 2020 and 2021 Annual Meetings of Shareholders;
  • Offering committee designations to the Privet/UPG Designees, and guaranteeing that the Privet/UPG Designees will constitute no less than 25% of every Board committee;
  • Fixing the Board at 8 directors; and
  • Expense Reimbursement.

In exchange, the Board requested that Privet and UPG commit to customary standstill provisions through the 2021 Annual Meeting of Shareholders. The Board believes that this proposal presented a reasonable compromise that would have provided a basis for collaboration between the Board and representatives of its largest shareholders, who would be afforded input on Board composition and governance commensurate to their stake in the Company.

The Board has not heard back from Privet or UPG on this offer. This pattern of behavior is consistent for Privet, as the Board never received a counter-proposal to its settlement offer in December 2019, either. Instead of constructively responding to the Board's latest settlement offer, Privet and UPG turned to the media this week - including participating in a widely disseminated podcast - to broadcast its Board, management and business takeover campaign, to attack Synalloy's Board and management with mistruths and to make promises to shareholders that they cannot guarantee keeping.

However, the Board remains willing to discuss collaborative solutions with Privet and UPG, and is committed to considering all options - including a formal review of strategic alternatives once the markets have settled down - that enhance the Company's value and deliver liquidity to shareholders. The Board is confident that the management team that assembled the Company's assets is best equipped to support the process of exploring a sale of those assets and to maximize value for all shareholders. In the interim, the Board and management team will continue to welcome feedback from all shareholders as we operate and steer Synalloy's businesses through these challenging times.

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