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Synaffix Wins World ADC Award For Poster On Efficacy And Tolerability Data On SYNtecan E™-Based ADCs

- Winning scientific poster shows complete tumor regression and high tolerability of SYNtecan E™ based ADCs

AMSTERDAM, Oct. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Synaffix B.V., a biotechnology company focused on commercializing its clinical-stage platform technology for the development of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) with best-in-class therapeutic index today announces that the Company was awarded Best Poster at Hanson Wade's 2021 World ADC Conference. Separately, Synaffix was also awarded 'Runner-Up' for the Best ADC Platform Technology.

New data presented in the winning poster, titled : "GlycoConnect™ ADCs Based on Topoisomerase 1 Inhibitor Exatecan (SYNtecan E™) Show Excellent In Vivo Efficacy and Tolerability Data" demonstrated complete tumor regression and high tolerability of SYNtecan E™ based ADCs, and underscores the ability of Synaffix's technologies to enable best-in-class, next generation ADCs.

This marks the fifth year that Synaffix' groundbreaking ADC platform technology has been acknowledged at the World ADC Awards ceremony as industry-leading, by a judging panel of world-renowned ADC experts.  The 2021 finalists were shortlisted through a voting pool of over 2,500 individuals, with a panel of distinguished, independent industry experts from across the ADC field assessing each finalist to decide the winners.

Prof. Floris van Delft, CSO of Synaffix, said:"The SYNtecan E™ linker-payload represents a transformational innovation that emerged from our own laboratories here in the Netherlands.  This appreciation by our industry peers serves as yet another testament to the high-quality science that underlies our broader ADC platform technology offering and we look forward to continuing the close collaboration with our various partners as this linker-drug enters the clinical development phase."

About Synaffix B.V.

Synaffix B.V. is a biotechnology company that enables ADC product candidates using its clinical-stage, site-specific ADC technology platform based on GlycoConnect™, HydraSpace™ and toxSYN™ that together enable any company with an antibody to develop proprietary best-in-class ADC products under a single license from Synaffix.

The Synaffix platform enables a rapid timeline to clinic due to the established supply chain of technology components. Granted patents covering Synaffix' technology provide end-to-end protection of the manufacturing technology as well as the resulting products through at least 2035. The business model of Synaffix is target-specific technology out-licensing, as exemplified through its existing deals with ADC Therapeutics, Mersana Therapeutics, Shanghai Miracogen, Innovent Biologics, ProfoundBio and Kyowa Kirin.

Synaffix is backed by a top tier, life science-focused investor syndicate that includes Aravis, BioGeneration Ventures, BOM Capital and M Ventures. 

For more information, please visit the website at

About The Synaffix ADC Platform Technology

Synaffix' proprietary ADC technology platform consists of GlycoConnect™, HydraSpace™ and toxSYN™ technologies.  Both GlycoConnect™ and HydraSpace™ are clinical-stage technologies that enable best-in-class ADCs with significantly enhanced efficacy and tolerability. 

GlycoConnect™ is a conjugation technology that exploits the native antibody glycan for site-specific and stable payload attachment and is tunable to DAR1, DAR2 or DAR4 formats. 

HydraSpace™ is a compact and highly polar spacer technology that is designed to further enhance therapeutic index, particularly with hydrophobic payloads. toxSYN™ is a linker-payload platform that spans key, validated MOAs for ADC product development, including SYNtecan E™ and SYNeamicin G™, among other linker-payloads.

The combination of these three technologies provides developers with a "one stop" and easy-to-use ADC technology platform, allowing any antibody developer to develop its own proprietary ADC and any ADC developer to expand its pipeline further and increase its competitive position.

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