Switch And Upgrade To Unlimited 5G For $25/month — The Prepaid Industry's Best Price For An Unlimited Plan With 5G. Plus, Get A Free 5G Phone. (Photo: Business Wire)

No hoops, no BS, just big savings and some sweet sweet 5G. T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) today announced a new way to help millions of prepaid wireless customers get unlimited 5G included on a bigger 5G network for a better price.
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No hoops, no BS, just big savings and some sweet sweet 5G. T-Mobile (TMUS) - Get T-Mobile US, Inc. Report today announced a new way to help millions of prepaid wireless customers get unlimited 5G included on a bigger 5G network for a better price. Starting July 29, switch and upgrade to Metro by T-Mobile for just $25/month with trade in for one line of unlimited talk, text and high-speed smartphone data including unlimited 5G on T-Mobile's award-winning 5G network at no extra cost. Plus, you can get a free 5G phone. And when you ditch Boost, Cricket and others, there are zero switching fees. No big deal, just the prepaid industry's lowest price on an unlimited plan with 5G.

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Switch and upgrade to unlimited 5G for $25/month — the prepaid industry's best price for an unlimited plan with 5G. Plus, get a free 5G phone. (Photo: Business Wire)

"Our smartphones are our lifelines, and yet a generation of prepaid customers are being left behind in the 5G era by providers and plans that keep them locked on old technology and slow, over-priced connections. If Cricket or Boost won't upgrade their customers to 5G, Metro by T-Mobile sure will," said Jon Freier, Executive Vice President, T-Mobile Consumer Group. "At Metro by T-Mobile, we put customers first. The biggest 5G network at half the price of Boost or Cricket, unlimited data with 5G included AND a free 5G phone? Talk about an easy upgrade."

When you switch to Metro, you don't get left behind. Boost and Cricket continue to charge premiums for 5G devices and 5G service, with capped data plans, 5G on only the most expensive plan and slower and smaller 5G networks. Millions of prepaid customers still have old devices that don't even access last year's technology, and some on Boost are on technology from a decade ago. Switch to Metro and get unlimited 5G access on T-Mobile's 5G network … now, at half off your Boost or Cricket wireless service.

Here's how it works.

Get half off your unlimited line when you switch from Boost or Cricket by bringing your phone number to Metro by T-Mobile and trading in ANY working device for a limited time. Yes, any — even that old flip phone! Then, you can get unlimited talk, text and data with 5G included for just $25/month for one line with monthly taxes and fees included — and you'll keep that best in-class price for the next two years. On Cricket's plan with 5G, you'll pay $60/month, and Boost's "unlimited" plan doesn't include 5G data. Then, you can also pick up a new free 5G phone for that unlimited plan— you pay nothing but the sales tax.

Just want a great deal on a new 5G phone only? Metro by T-Mobile customers can already choose from the largest selection of free 5G phones with 5G service included at no extra cost — powered by T-Mobile's award-winning, nationwide 5G network. Now, starting July 29 for a limited time, trade in ANY working phone, switch your number and get a free 5G phone via instant rebate - you pay nothing but the sales tax then it's yours free and clear.

To get in on these deals, just head to any Metro by T-Mobile store starting July 29.

For more information on these deals, head to metrobyt-mobile.com. Go here for more on Metro by T-Mobile's latest offers.

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If congested, heavy data users (>35GB/mo.) may notice lower speeds & Metro customers may notice lower speeds vs. T-Mobile, due to data prioritization. Video streaming at DVD quality (480p). Limited time offer, in-store only. Save half based on 1-line w/ Metro for $25 (tethering not included) vs Boost $50 and Cricket $55 monthly unlimited plans (limited tethering included with Boost plan). Unlimited data while on our network. Qualifying port-in, trade-in ($10+ value in good condition) & ID validation required. Excludes phone numbers currently on T-Mobile or active on Metro in past 180 days. Free 5G Phone: Tax due at point-of-sale on pre-rebate price. Rebate provided in form of credit against regular purchase price at time of sale and has no cash value. May not be combinable with certain other offers. 5Gcoverage not available in some areas; some uses may require additional plan or feature, see T-Mobile.com for details.

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