Suraksha's Sprayable Supplements Take Off In The Health And Wellness Market

Suraksha's Sprays Are A Hit
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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Nov. 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Suraksha Naturals has been tapping into a burgeoning aspect of the supplemental health industry with their natural sprayable supplements that are made utilizing Ayurvedic herbs. Suraksha Natural's goal with their Keto-Veyda product line has been to bring Ayurvedic products into the modern age by creating supplements that not only fit into but enhance a ketogenic lifestyle.

While the company also makes powders, capsules, and other supplemental health products, their sprays have quickly risen in popularity. One of Suraksha's most popular products has been their Glutathione Spray supplement.

The supplement form of glutathione is an amino acid and an antioxidant. Antioxidants are simply substances that can help fight against the wear and tear on cells. Glutathione, or GSH, is naturally occurring in the body but is often taken as a supplement because levels of glutathione seem to decrease with age or illness, so declining levels of GSH are associated with great instances of cell damage. Though GSH is naturally produced in the human body when supply levels begin to drop off, supplemental sources can be found in nature - from plant sources to fungi, animal sources, and even certain types of bacteria.

Amino acids are often available in capsule form and adding these to a supplement regimen is generally beneficial, but supplements are only as potent as their bioavailability. GSH is made up of three main amino acids: cysteine, glutamate, and glycine, and one of the most effective ways to get a healthy dose is to take amino acids in their liquid form because they can be easily digested and utilized by the body.

By making a sprayable version of this popular supplement, Suraksha Naturals is able to ensure that their customers are getting a form of GSH that is quickly and easily absorbed. Liquid herbal extracts and supplements were some of the earliest forms of preventive care, but over the past few years, they have become popular yet again with customers who are looking for the purest version of their favorite health products. Supplementation in the form of a spray is also a game-changer for people who have trouble swallowing pills, or simply have too many pills to take at once, making them safe and effective for a wide array of users.

Suraksha's full line of sprayable supplements includes a Daily Anti-Stress Spray, Daily Rejuvenator Spray, a Vitamin B12 Spray, and of course their Glutathione Spray, all of which are keto-friendly and utilize only natural ingredients.

Suraksha Natural's Glutathione Spray is an easy and accessible way to deliver a pure form of this important antioxidant. Suraksha Naturals now has products for sale across some of the largest online retailers in the United States, including, and they have plans to continue their expansion throughout the coming year.

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