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SightGain Introduces Industry's First Cyber Readiness Platform To Evaluate Existing Security Architecture Against Global Threats

New release includes all new SOC Validation, Automated Compliance, Risk Assessment, and Training Modules

FULTON, Md., Oct. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ --  SightGain , the only cybersecurity risk assessment  platform that tests and analyzes organizational readiness across people, processes, and technology, announced today the launch of the latest version of the SightGain Readiness Platform. Through the enhanced platform, customers can continuously test production security controls and provide the highest quality cyber risk measures in the industry.

"This release of the SightGain Readiness Platform contains significant functional and usability updates for our customers," says Christian Sorensen, Founder and CEO of SightGain. "Not only does it look great, but more importantly, it solves large and significant problems in the cybersecurity market. We look forward to deploying it to help more customers know their cybersecurity systems will prevent, detect, and respond to evolving and dynamic threats and recommend actionable solutions when they don't." 

SOC Validation

Core to the platform, SOC Validation continuously tests production SOC technologies, processes, and analysts' ability to detect and respond to real threats. SightGain provides robust SOC Performance Analytics to show effectiveness, timeliness, and efficiency of responses to malicious activity. New in this version is SightGain's SIEM Signal-to-Noise analysis. It evaluates how well SIEM alerts actually correlate to security incidents and uses machine learning and heuristics to reduce alert fatigue by identifying the noise in the system and providing concrete recommendations to improve performance.

Automated Compliance ModuleThe SightGain Compliance Module automatically tests and answers security control requirements for compliance across leading frameworks, including CMMC, MITRE ATT&CK v10 , Zero Trust, ISO 27001, NIST 800-171 , and NIST 800-53 . Automated reporting through a robust API gives organizations a continuous view of compliance stature and status.

Risk Assessment Module

The SightGain Risk Assessment Module leverages empiric results of system performance against leading threats to enable the security analyst to compare how an organization's technologies perform to identify areas for improvement and redundant technologies. In addition, organizations can quantify the cost of its technology's current ability to reduce risk and reach a high fidelity of effectiveness. With the ability to assess business risk based on empiric data, customers can fully understand the scope of their cyber risk while potentially saving money in the process.

Training Module

The SightGain Training Module offers out-of-the-box curriculum for MITRE ATT&CK v10 , National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) , and globally known threat groups. The new curriculum function guides new, experienced, and advanced analysts through realistic, gamified scenarios to quickly close any cyber skills gap. This approach not only increases engagement of SOC analysts, but allows organizations to evaluate their overall performance of their production systems.

Introducing Cyber BS Detector

In partnership with our government customers, SightGain has created the first commercial test bed to empirically evaluate new solutions against current threats. The SightGain Cyber BS detector empowers organizations to easily measure how current and prospective tools perform. SightGain provides an objective and repeatable way to make strategic investment decisions that can be objectively tied to security hardening results. At a glance you can see how well tools perform and which tools perform best. Modify tool configurations and quickly measure changes in performance outcomes. The results cut through the marketing and hype to prove actual performance. This feature is currently included with SightGain Risk Assessment Module and is helping our customers make critical cyber investment decisions.

About SightGain Readiness Platform:

SightGain's patent-pending analytics platform first evaluates an enterprise's cybersecurity readiness posture - identifying weaknesses in live production environments and provides tailored recommendations to improve readiness. It is the only risk management platform that evaluates cybersecurity readiness by automatically testing how well an organization's technology, processes, and personnel prevent, detect and respond to actual adversary exploits. From this information, SightGain automatically quantifies an organization's financial and mission risk exposure. Synthesizing this information, SightGain's dashboards enable executives and board members to align cybersecurity investments to best defend against actual versus hypothetical threats.

About SightGain:

SightGain is the only security operations centers (SOC)  that enables continuous cybersecurity readiness. Unlike typical cybersecurity risk management solutions that estimate readiness using industry benchmark data and compliance checklists, SightGain tests and measures readiness using real-world attack simulations in a customer's live environment. These results are used to make improvements across cybersecurity people, process, and technology. Once current readiness is tuned, SightGain combines empiric readiness data with business information and threat intelligence to build the business case to prioritize long term investments.

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