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Shell Midstream Assesses Initial Impacts Related To Hurricane Ida

Houston, Sept. 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Shell Midstream Partners, L.

Houston, Sept. 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Shell Midstream Partners, L.P. (SHLX) - Get Shell Midstream Partners LP Report ("Shell Midstream Partners" or the "Partnership") and Shell Pipeline Company, L.P. are currently working to perform Hurricane Ida impact assessments on all of their owned or operated assets in the Gulf of Mexico and onshore Louisiana. Following initial high-level assessments, the Partnership can report the following at this time:

  • Gulf of Mexico Pipelines: Initial flyovers have indicated that there was damage to the West Delta-143 facilities, which are operated by Shell Pipeline Company, L.P. and serve as a transfer station for the Mars Oil Pipeline for production in the Mars corridor. All parties are continuing to assess and determine the extent of such damage, as well as when it will be safe to return such facilities to service.
  • Onshore Assets: Operations and maintenance crews are assessing assets and rights-of-way as they are able to gain access to southern Louisiana locations. We are currently assessing the full impact on our systems and when it will be safe to re-start.
  • Refined Products Systems: Colonial Pipeline Company's Lines 1 and 2 have been restored after a precautionary shut-down prior to the storm and are now operational.  The Partnership owns an interest in Colonial Pipeline Company's parent company, Colonial Enterprises, Inc. Further information can be found at .

Shell Midstream Partners carries several insurance policies in kinds and amounts customary to the industry, which may offset some costs of any asset damage and business losses.  The Partnership plans to file any appropriate claims under such policies.

The Partnership will continue to provide updates as information becomes available on the company website, .

Shell Midstream Partners' primary focus continues to be the safety of its affiliates' employees and the protection of the environment.


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