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SenSource Offers COVID-19 Occupancy Counting Solution For Family Entertainment Venues

SafeSpace by SenSource provides peace of mind for family entertainment venues, keeping guests and employees informed on current occupancy counts and when it is safe to enter.

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio, July 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Cities across the U.S. continue to emerge from a post-COVID-19 shut down with different regulations in place. Entertainment venues likes zoos, public swimming facilities, and amusement parks are being especially cautious, as they want to provide safe environments for families. There are three goals for these businesses as they re-open; distance, communicate, regulate. SafeSpace by SenSource is an automated occupancy monitoring solution that helps businesses achieve these goals.

SafeSpace consists of two components. It starts with SenSource's people counting sensor. Boasting 97%+ accuracy, the sensor is mounted overhead of entrances and exits. As visitors cross the designated threshold marker, it automatically sends the count to the cloud, updating the location's occupancy in real-time. The sensor can accurately monitor multiple customers at multiple entrances/exits at the same time. Removing the human element from the counting process can increase accuracy and productivity.

The second component is an optional display that communicates a real-time occupancy count. The color-coded display conveys to visitors if and when it is safe to enter a facility. It also helps employees understand occupancy to ensure visitors are following guidelines.

Data is stored in SenSource's cloud-based Vea Reporting Platform. Users can access reports showing facility usage, which can often be used in budgeting and resource allocation decisions. "The main focus of SafeSpace is to count real-time and communicate those counts to employees and visitors. However, capturing that data and leveraging it into decision-making metrics is a permanent goal at SenSource," Dan Aluise, SenSource's General Manager, remarked.

SenSource provides an API for customers, and many customers are building an interface within their own websites to maintain an open line of communication for customers. Parkersburg Pool in Parkersburg, Iowa, took this a step further, sharing a direct link to their occupancy count so visitors can make informed decisions on if they want to visit the pool. "We know everyone wants to be out swimming and having a good time, but our main priority is to keep our facility within guidelines so we can continue operating and providing a healthy environment for everyone to enjoy," facility managers Avari Everts, Abigail Hamilton, and McKenna Tingle commented. They continued, "With SafeSpace there is no guessing as to how many people are swimming at one time. We have an accurate number, and we share it directly with our members. SafeSpace is easy to use, which is great for when people try to file in all at once! It truly has been the perfect solution."

To learn more about SenSource's Occupancy Monitoring system, please visit: or contact SenSource by phone at 1-800-239-1226

About SenSourceSenSource is committed to providing innovative people counting technology solutions that enable its global clients to make better business decisions.

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