Robonomics' Robot-artist Gaka-Chu Sells His First NFTs On Rarible

LONDON, March 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Today marks a new chapter in the world of fine art and its integration into NFT and blockchain.
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LONDON, March 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Today marks a new chapter in the world of fine art and its integration into NFT and blockchain. Gaka-Chu , the autonomous robot connected to the Ethereum blockchain by the Robonomics team, starts to auction digital NFT versions of its physical artwork on . The robot has been creating art for 3 years and is now set to contribute to the NFT art world. Auctions will be held from the 23rd of March, 2021, till the 30th of March, whilst the original, physical artwork by Gaka-Chu will be displayed at the ITMO University's Art and Science Museum in Saint Petersburg.

Fine Art made by a Robot?What makes Gaka-Chu stand above the rest, is that it is a fully autonomous robot that purchases its own paint, records the process of art creation on video, logs each stroke and then mints an NFT token, making every art piece ready for the market. Each NFT token stores all the aforementioned data and transfers the ownership rights to every new collector that purchases it.

In the meantime, the current NFT art world reaches immense valuations but doesn't boast much diversity. It is filled with gifs and digital paintings that according to art industry experts lack depth and broadness of choice and it is the new contributors like Gaka-Chu, that are set to change that.

Gaka-Chu's art is a case study by Robonomics that merges fine art with blockchain and completes a critical milestone within the industry, making the whole process fully autonomously. And it is! From the first stroke and all the way to the token being published on the Ethereum mainnet.

Artwork acquisitionAlthough Gaka-Chu's physical art pieces are currently exhibited at the ITMO museum, they are ready to be acquired by collectors across the globe via NFT on This NFT marketplace is limited to creators that disrupt the space and Gaka-Chu is now part of it. Last but not least, all of Gaka-Chu's art pieces auctioned via Rarible will be automatically displayed on, giving the fine art collectors an additional channel of how to store, display and manage their collectibles.

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