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Randseco's Covid-19 Technology Expediting Thousands Of Tests Daily

StatCall platform is used to capture epidemiological data onsite, and integrate with Fallon Ambulance, Quest Diagnostics systems
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BOSTON, May 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Through a collaboration with Fallon Ambulance and Quest Diagnostics, the world's leading provider of diagnostics information services, Randseco LLC's StatCall module is being used to carry out the Massachusetts Office of Health and Human Services plan to test tens of thousands of nursing home residents and staff members.

The Commonwealth's Department of Health and Human Services recently devised a plan to expand testing for nursing home staff and residents to prevent further outbreaks among its vulnerable population, as many of the commonwealth's deaths from the coronavirus are from long-term care facilities, including nursing homes.

"The application built by Randseco allows one of Transformative Healthcare's ambulance companies, Fallon Ambulance, to capture essential epidemiological data at point of care. This is a game changer for us in helping our Commonwealth partners with their surveillance and contact tracing efforts," said Patrick Tyler, CEO at Transformative. "The Randseco team's agility and speed in building this fully integrated EMR application has allowed us to meet the critical demands of our communities, while adding efficiency to our process so that we can focus on our mission."

Randseco's StatCall COVID-19 Testing product is a web-based application that allows a healthcare worker to capture essential epidemiological data points on their mobile device while collecting samples on site. This technology integrates with both the dispatch system of Fallon Ambulance and the Laboratory Information System of Quest Diagnostics to speed the reporting of test results and connect both systems to make Fallon's database a single source of truth for all COVID-19 related data.

"At Randseco, we pride ourselves on the ability to rapidly and seamlessly connect systems to share data to enhance the patient care experience, and we are proud to work with Fallon Ambulance and Quest Diagnostics to help their teams complete more tests, in a shorter time, while ensuring data safely flows to those who need it ," says Daniel Starvish, Executive Vice President at Randseco. "We look forward to future opportunities to collaborate with Quest to achieve their mission."

StatCall is available today for use of any healthcare service providing tests for COVID-19. For more information, visit https://www.statcallems.com/covid-19.

About Randseco: Randseco, LLC is an EMS technology company focused on integrating disparate systems for those who need patients transported and providers who care for these patients. We leverage case management workflows to generate a more functional, reliable, and streamlined patient service experience.

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