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Prospecting In The Digital Hybrid Age

Discipline And Technical Expertise Equates To More Face Time
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OWINGS MILLS, Md., Dec. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Salespeople live in a world where customers are increasingly reliant on digital communication tools, protective of their time and attention, and hard to reach voice-to-voice. In 21 st CENTURY PROSPECTING: The Authoritative Playbook For New Business Development, published by, consultants John Rosso and Mark McGraw show how to harness digital resources to create opportunities to engage in a real-time conversation with prospects.

The book shows how to create new business relationships on today's platforms, use today's technologies, and connect with decision makers. As the authors make clear, success is rooted deeply in the Success Triangle: attitude, technique, and behavior.

Attitude is mindset, beliefs, and willingness to take risks. Words like passion and drive connect to attitude.

Technique is the know-how that illuminates what to say and do. The abilities to set the agenda and identify areas of alignment with a prospective buyer connect to technique.

Behavior is about execution and persistence, essential to setting and implementing a plan that results in hitting goals.

Based on Rosso's and McGraw's decades of experience managing sales teams, developing salesforces, and working with sales leaders, the book provides tools and techniques to succeed in the new paradigm:

  • Strategies for generating introductions
  • Understanding customer pain points
  • Drafting a 30-second commercial
  • The 5 rules of prospecting behavior
  • Dealing with rejection

For many decision makers, there are no longer any gatekeepers. They move faster and have less time for distractions than ever before. As a result, prospects resolve to spend little to no time on the phone with people they don't know and tend to exclude anyone they consider irrelevant from their other communication channels.

The book provides templates for constructing an effective 30-second commercial that will get the prospect to engage emotionally by creating a series of brief summaries called pain statements. To help you create pain statements, the book uses the acronym FUDWACA. Each letter stands for an emotional word that may connect to something the other person is feeling about a problem.

Frustrated Upset Disappointed Worried Angry Concerned Anxious 

By completing the exercises and applying the principles in 21 st CENTURY PROSPECTING, readers will gain a new set of prospecting muscles and experience a paradigm shift that works in today's buying environment.

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