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ProfNet Expert Alerts For June 25, 2021

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NEW YORK, June 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Below are experts from the ProfNet network who are available to discuss timely issues in your coverage area.


  • History of the Stonewall Riots
  • Home Cannabis Cultivation Advocacy
  • Remedies for Painful Sex During Menopause
  • Understanding and Coping with PTSD
  • Retirement Planning
  • Post-Pandemic Philanthropy


  • Senior Reporter, Citywire RIA - NY - Citywire Financial Publishers Ltd (NY)
  • Senior Editor, The Journal podcast - Dow Jones (NY)


  • 5 Ways to Utilize a Press Release for Your Next Story
  • Blog Profiles: Olympic Blogs

History of the Stonewall Riots Matthew RaffetyProfessor University of Redlands"Stonewall" today is treated by media (and brands) as an unencumbered positive and beginning of a civil rights movement. And that is true. But that's not what it appeared to be—and that was not the popular perception—in 1969.Stonewall riots and implication on today's LGBTQIA movementWebsite: redlands.eduMedia contact: Jennifer Dobbs,

Home Cannabis Cultivation Advocacy Ed RosenthalAuthor Ed Rosenthal"Cannabis is legal for commercial cultivation in almost every state now, but every citizen should have the right to grow their own.""Guru of Ganja" Ed Rosenthal on Changing America's Perception of MarijuanaWebsite: EdRosenthal.comMedia contact: Klaudia Simon,

Remedies for Painful Sex During Menopause Susan BrattonCo-founder and CEOPersonal Life Media, Inc., The20, LLC."We're going through all this pain and suffering needlessly. Women's libido doesn't have to be a ticking time bomb that runs out at middle age. We aren't doomed to allowing pain, atrophy, and sensation loss to ruin our sex lives and ruin the level of intimacy we experience in our relationships. So many women are wondering, 'Why is my sex drive gone, and how do I fix my libido?' And they've heard about taking hormones, but they don't realize that there's a much easier fix by simply upping their nitric oxide intake."A hormone-free solution to painful sex during menopause.Website: SusanBratton.comMedia contact: Anita Jakab Kovacs,

Understanding and Coping with PTSD Amanda HainlineIntuitive healer and author Amanda HainlineJune PTSD Month — How Traumatic Experiences Imprint Our Emotions "When we are unable to process and release traumatic events, these events take on a life of their own and start to define who we are as a person. Even though it's a false belief, over time it becomes very real. One's whole life can be based on it. We can learn to clear out these traumatic and verbal inhibitory imprints so that they no longer limit our lives. Understanding how these imprints function can help us to understand ourselves better and to move from feeling powerless to feeling powerful."The conscious vs. subconscious mind; how traumatic events imprint our emotion and "freeze parts of us in time;" negative coping mechanisms — recognizing and understanding our tendencies and habits; how traumatic and verbal inhibitory imprints form and affect how we function today.Website: contact: Klaudia Simon,

Retirement Planning Pamela YellenFinancial security expert and New York Times bestselling author Pamela YellenTake Action to Protect Yourself from Higher Taxes "You can grow your nest egg safely and predictably every single year, shield yourself from taxes that can only go higher, and enjoy liquidity, flexibility and control of your money."How to Pay Zero Taxes in Retirement - Without Being Broke. Conventional wisdom says, "Maximize your contributions to tax-deferred plans. Your money compounds without being reduced by taxes, and you'll end up with more money during retirement." But like much conventional wisdom about personal finance, it's not true. Tax-free retirement—living a comfortable life in retirement without the obligation to pay income tax—comes as the result of planning and arranging your finances (following IRS guidelines every step of the way) so that when you retire, none of the money you receive is taxable—perhaps not even your Social Security income.Website: BankOnYourself.comMedia contact: Jennifer Thomas,

Post-Pandemic Philanthropy Michel PicaudPresidentFriends of Notre-Dame de Paris"The pandemic has posed physical, emotional, and financial challenges for people around the world, but as recovery begins on a global scale, it's important for us to return to supporting causes that serve local and international communities. By building a stronger global community, we all grow stronger."Post-pandemic philanthropyWebsite: FriendsOfNotreDameDeParis.orgMedia contact: Klaudia Simon,


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