Primo Water North America Announces Gold Seal Certification For Its PureFlo Bright Carbon Filtration Unit

TAMPA, Fla., Feb.
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TAMPA, Fla., Feb. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ - Primo Water Corporation (PRMW) - Get Primo Water Corporation Report (TSX: PRMW) (the "Company" or "Primo"), a leading provider of water direct to consumers and water filtration services in North America and Europe as well as a leading provider of water dispensers, purified and spring bottled water, and self-service refill drinking water in the U.S. and Canada, today announced that Primo Water North America, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Primo, has been awarded a Gold Seal Certification from the Water Quality Association (WQA) for its PureFlo® Bright + Carbon filtration unit. PureFlo® is an IoT ("Internet of Things") enabled water filtration unit that continuously monitors and provides detailed real-time data on equipment performance and water consumption.

The WQA Gold Seal program ensures that products are constructed from safe materials, the claims on the packaging are backed by test data, and the product will hold up under normal usage conditions. Only products that pass the rigorous testing requirements of industry standards, pass annual manufacturing facility audits, and comply with WQA's Certification Schemes qualify. The Gold Seal certification is earned through extensive testing of the performance and longevity of the unit, including leading industry standards for filtration products and systems. The system is certified for 5,000 Gallons drinking water capacity.

"We are excited to announce the Gold Seal Certification for the PureFlo® Bright + Carbon filtration unit," said Dave Muscato, President of Primo Water North America. "This certification is a testament to our commitment to creating healthier lives, healthier communities, and a healthier planet through better-quality water. It's a great example of the execution of our strategy to become the leading brand in the pure-play water category by developing innovative, leading-edge solutions to elevate the customer experience and increase water consumption."


Primo Water North America, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Primo Water Corporation, is a U.S.-based company providing bottled water, break room supplies, and equipment and services for water filtration systems. They provide products to over a million homes, offices, restaurants, food service organizations, convenience stores, and retail locations across the country. Among its best-known bottled water brands are Alhambra®, Canadian Springs®, Crystal Rock®, Crystal Springs®, Deep Rock®Hinckley Springs®Kentwood Springs®, Labrador Source®, Mountain Valley®, Mount Olympus®, Nursery®, Primo®, Sierra Springs®, Sparkletts® and Vermont Pure ® . Learn more at

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Primo Water Corporation is a leading pure-play water solutions provider in North America, Europe and Israel and generates approximately $2.1 billion in annual revenue. Primo operates largely under a recurring razor/razorblade revenue model. The razor in Primo's revenue model is its industry leading line-up of sleek and innovative water dispensers, which are sold through major retailers and online at various price points or leased to customers. The dispensers help increase household penetration which drives recurring purchases of Primo's razorblade offering. Primo's razorblade offering is comprised of Water Direct, Water Exchange, and Water Refill. Through its Water Direct business, Primo delivers sustainable hydration solutions across its 21-country footprint direct to the customer's door, whether at home or to commercial businesses. Through its Water Exchange and Water Refill businesses, Primo offers pre-filled and reusable containers at over 13,000 locations and water refill units at approximately 22,000 locations, respectively. Primo also offers water filtration units across its 21-country footprint representing a top five position.

Primo's water solutions expand consumer access to purified, spring and mineral water to promote a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle while simultaneously reducing plastic waste and pollution. Primo is committed to its water stewardship standards and is proud to partner with the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) in North America as well as with Watercoolers Europe (WE), which ensure strict adherence to safety, quality, sanitation and regulatory standards for the benefit of consumer protection.

Primo is headquartered in Tampa, Florida (USA). For more information, visit

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