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ONE Media Congratulates MPEG LA On The Formation Of ATSC 3.0 Patent Pool

ONE Media, LLC, a joint venture between Sinclair Broadcast Group (Nasdaq: SBGI) and Coherent Logix and one of the primary architects of the ATSC 3.

ONE Media, LLC, a joint venture between Sinclair Broadcast Group (Nasdaq: SBGI) and Coherent Logix and one of the primary architects of the ATSC 3.0 broadcast standard, applauds the formation of the ATSC 3.0 Patent Pool by MPEG LA. Formation of the pool will dramatically simplify the efficient licensing of the new ATSC 3.0 broadcast technology in multiple-receive devices, easing the distribution and deployment process.

Patent pools provide for a consortium of companies agreeing to combine related intellectual property and offer "one-stop licensing" to vendors that want to include the technology in their equipment for sale to the public. MPEG LA is a pioneer in the formation and management of these types of pools, establishing reasonable royalty rates for licensing patents needed to implement the technology.

ATSC 3.0 - Next Gen Broadcasting - is an ideal candidate for such pooling. Multiple companies have "standard essential patents" necessary for vendors to offer the advanced services in their equipment.

ATSC 3.0 significantly improves digital broadcasting and, importantly, paves the way for both enhanced traditional television and new data services to be provided in concert with 5G telecommunications delivery systems. Developed by the Advanced Television Systems Committee, the ATSC 3.0 standard has been adopted in both the United States and the Republic of Korea and is under consideration in several other countries. The suite of voluntary technical standards and recommended practices represents significant enhancements from the original ATSC 1.0 standard first adopted in 1996.

As a pioneer in the development and implementation of the standard, ONE Media is leading broadcasters in a dramatic reimagining of services that they can provide. Among the remarkable new capabilities incorporated in the IP-based standard are:

  • Enhanced quality for audio and video services;
  • Robust mobile reception on a wide range of devices;
  • Improved spectrum efficiency;
  • Resilient advanced emergency information;
  • Personalized features and services; and
  • Interactive services.

Jerald Fritz, Executive Vice President of ONE Media noted that, "The ability to offer this remarkable technology to consumer equipment manufacturers in a simple, all-encompassing license should ease the process of deploying sophisticated new receivers to consumers worldwide. We congratulate MPEG LA for helping shepherd multiple international entities toward this common goal."

About ONE Media

ONE Media, a joint venture between Sinclair Broadcast Group and Coherent Logix, was formed with a vision to build and globally deploy the Next Generation Broadcast Platform, enabling broadcasters to be competitive across all platforms in delivering enhanced video and data services.

About Sinclair

Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: SBGI) is a diversified media company and a leading provider of local sports and news. The Company owns and/or operates 21 regional sports network brands; owns, operates and/or provides services to 185 television stations in 86 markets, owns multiple national networks including Tennis Channel and Stadium; and has TV stations affiliated with all the major broadcast networks. Sinclair's content is delivered via multiple platforms, including over-the-air, multi-channel video program distributors, and digital and streaming platforms NewsOn and STIRR. The Company regularly uses its website as a key source of Company information which can be accessed at .

About Coherent Logix

Coherent Logix, headquartered in Austin, Texas, introduced their unique HyperX Technology to the market in 2007, beginning with the HyperX Virtual System on Chip (VSOC) technology which miniaturized legacy systems down to nanoscale devices. This technology is fit for applications such as Aerospace, Automotive, Communications, Consumer, Industrial, Media & Entertainment, Medical, Military, and many others where field-upgradeable processing and communications coupled with very low-power consumption are a must.

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