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Nuix Keeps Customers On The Pulse Of Mobile, Cloud And Remote Working Data Sources With Certified Security

SYDNEY, Oct. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Global software company Nuix ( www.

SYDNEY, Oct. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Global software company Nuix ( today announced a new release of the Nuix Engine and its flagship products that includes access to Hancom GMD mobile device forensic images and deeper integration with workplace collaboration tools Microsoft 365 and Slack. This release marks Nuix achieving compliance with ISO 27001, 27017 and 27018 information security standards and supporting the US Government's FIPS 140-2 security standard.

"The new world of remote working, cloud and the internet of things makes it vital for compliance, legal and forensic investigation teams to access all kinds of data sources - the latest Nuix release ensures our customers can keep pace and remain confident in the security and integrity of their data," said Rod Vawdrey, Global CEO of Nuix.

Nuix has been certified as compliant with the ISO 27001, 27017 and 27018 information security standards across its entire product range.

"Protecting your data is as crucial as processing, searching and reviewing it," said Rolf Krolke, Nuix's Head of Technical Services. "Our commitment to cybersecurity assurance gives customers confidence that the data they put into Nuix is handled with the utmost security - for our existing software and the exciting new technologies we're developing."

This release gives customers the option to run Nuix Workstation and the Nuix Engine in FIPS mode, meeting the US Government's Federal Information Processing Standard 140-2 governing the secure design and implementation of cryptographic modules. Nuix has also implemented the SonarQube software development tool to improve the quality and security of its code.

These improvements are steps toward gaining Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) authorization for the Nuix Engine and Nuix Discover ®, better enabling the company to serve US Government customers. Nuix has also been assessed under the Information Security Registered Assessors Program (IRAP) for organizations that handle Australian Government data and the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority CPS 234 regulation for Australian financial institutions and their suppliers.

Nuix Workstation and the Nuix Engine can now process device images from South Korean mobile forensics specialist Hancom GMD. Hancom can extract data from 15,000 models of mobile phones as well as vehicle cameras, drones, smart TVs and speakers and home automation devices.

Customers that integrate the Nuix Engine into their applications and workflows using the Nuix RESTful Service can now directly ingest data from Microsoft 365 cloud sources including Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SharePoint.

"Due to the explosive adoption of Slack collaboration tools in enterprises worldwide, we will soon release a Slack enterprise connector that allows customers to collect targeted data from nominated Slack channels, including attachments, links, emojis and reactions, with full conversation threading," said Danny Pidutti, Nuix's Chief Product Officer.

This release also includes user interface and functionality improvements to Nuix Adaptive Security, Nuix Discover on-premises, Nuix Enterprise Collection Center and Nuix Investigate ®.

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