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Next Generation Of Omnilert Desktop Alert Combines High-Visibility Alerts With Interaction For Expanded Reach, Engagement And Increased Organizational Safety


LEESBURG, Va., Oct. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ --  Omnilert, pioneers of the emergency mass notification market and trusted partner to thousands of institutions, introduces yet another innovation and expansion to their comprehensive set of services with the release of Omnilert Desktop Alert, version 2.0.

In a time of crisis — be it an extreme weather update, a hazardous maintenance issue or a potential active shooter incident — it's critical that information reach everyone who may be impacted by the event as quickly as possible. This also means reaching people where they are, on the devices they use and on the devices they see and hear. It also means interacting with constituents, giving them ways to call for help, providing information to prevent or better manage an unfolding situation and receiving targeted guidance.

Omnilert Desktop Alert combines high-visibility alerting to wall-mounted and desktop displays with the delivery of its safety app onto shared and private desktops. The result is a product that combines two fundamental capabilities into one seamless service.

Improved Reach — Extending Omnilert's industry-leading, multi-channel messaging to wall-mounted displays posted in an organization's hallways and common spaces, as well as onto the desktop monitors in shared spaces or a subscriber's desktop. These messages are delivered with an audible alert and shown full-screen with interleaved text and graphics automatically displayed as a "slide-show" to maximize the visibility and impact of the communication.

Improved Engagement — Pushing the Omnilert Safety App to the desktop and enabling an array of interactive capabilities. Unlike traditional desktop alerting systems, subscribers can provide preventative information through "Tipping," call for help with the Panic Button, access up-to-date safety resources and engage in two-way communication with the safety team.

"This next generation of Desktop Alert gives our customers more effective ways to improve the safety of their people, by taking a traditionally one-way system and giving it interactive powers," said Dave Fraser, CEO at Omnilert. "Our goal is not only to extend the value of an existing infrastructure by alerting to desktops and high-visibility displays, but to add a vital, preventative capability through the ability to interact," Fraser continued.

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