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New Health Survey From PrecisionBiotics Reveals Fear About Life After Lockdown

- 48% anxious about lockdown release

LONDON, April 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- How important is good gut health? How does it help or hinder the ability to live well, work effectively and enjoy life? According to people who suffer from poor gut health, it is fundamental.

A recent survey of over 1,000 people conducted in March 2021 by PrecisionBiotics has revealed some extraordinary insights from the people who suffer with the symptoms of poor gut health. From worries about life after lockdown to the stress and shame associated with their condition, dealing with bloating, cramps, excess gas and digestive disorders is no easy feat.

Lockdown living

Perhaps the most surprising survey insight is a worry about the future. Whilst most of the country is looking forward to lockdown restrictions easing, 48% of those with poor gut health are anxious about coming out of lockdown.

Over the past year, respondents felt more able to manage their symptoms and saw no great change or worsening effects. In fact, a quarter of respondents were able to improve their diet with healthier food choices and 100% of males have been better able to manage their gut health in lockdown. This experience runs counter to a UK wide population trend where lockdown has had a negative effect on consumption patterns with an increase in alcohol intake according to the British Liver Trust .

Lack of understanding causes shame

It's clear that the prospect of post lockdown living is causing real anxiety amongst those with poor gut health, particularly in the under 55 age bracket. Almost half of all respondents say that coming out of lockdown will negatively affect their gut health and they attribute this mainly to a change of routine.

Perhaps this is further exacerbated by the fact that 87% of those surveyed said that employers are neither knowledgeable or understanding about their symptoms.  78% of sufferers state they feel ashamed and embarrassed about their condition and 90% feel more stressed because of their symptoms.

Who to turn to?

After an initial medical diagnosis, only 17% of survey respondents see GPs as beneficial experts to help with their symptoms. In order of priority, most people with a gut health condition turn to forums and communities. GPs are secondary in importance and dieticians take third place.

Currently 63% of women surveyed use a holistic approach to deal with symptoms including meditation, exercise, peppermint and ginger whilst men mainly blend remedies between probiotics and prescription drugs. Overall, survey respondents ranked these remedies in order of effectiveness 1. Food and diet changes. 2. Prescribed medication. 3. Probiotics. 4. Peppermint. 5. Exercise or antidepressants.

What the future holds?

It is alarming to find from this survey that over 50% of respondents have suffered from gut health problems for nearly half their life. They are overwhelmingly open to new remedies and over 76% are still seeking a solution.

With over 20 years researching gut health and the human microbiome, PrecisionBiotics® have launched Alflorex New Beginnings to help those who suffer with poor gut health.

New Beginnings is a brand new 12 week Alflorex gut health programme supported by a team of experts to help members every step of the way. The programme includes weekly tips, recipes, nutritional advice, monthly check ins and personalised guidance from gut health advisors as well as a free symptom tracker. More information here .

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