New Consumer Poll Reveals Sustained Surge In Cannabis Delivery More Than A One Year Into The Pandemic

Preference for Cannabis Delivery Skyrockets 70%; Retail Sees 57 Point Drop;
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LOS ANGELES, May 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ --  Ganja Goddess , a California-based premium online shopping, delivery and lifestyle brand that caters to cannabis consumers statewide in California, released its third consumer trends poll conducted during the pandemic, revealing a lasting change in how consumers are purchasing cannabis.

With a demand for delivery services at an all-time high and more consumers than ever buying retail goods online, the poll's 840 respondents mirrored the nation's shift in how consumers are buying and receiving CPGs. Since the start of the pandemic, cannabis consumers have been consistently migrating to delivery as their preferred purchasing method and seeking out online shopping experiences. Poll respondents also stated that their cannabis consumption has increased -- largely driven by reasons related to managing health or mental health conditions. Edibles bumped out flower as consumers' top consumption choice, the culmination of a trend recorded in the company's second COVID-19 poll from September 2020. Additionally, a preference for vape pens continued to slide, coming in after both edibles and flower.

"Since the start of the pandemic, Americans are spending more time than ever at home, leading to an overwhelming national demand for delivery services," said Ganja Goddess CEO Zachary Pitts. "The initial spike in cannabis delivery sales was noteworthy, but its continued prevalence more than one year later speaks volumes. A rise in cannabis consumption and greater emphasis on managing health further highlight the impact of these challenging times. We've been tracking and sharing a variety of cannabis consumer trends throughout this time frame to uncover lasting shifts in consumer preferences and behaviors. The results help our industry make more informed business decisions and better satisfy customers' needs and desires as cannabis moves into the mainstream."

Cannabis Delivery Skyrockets; Convenience the Top Driver

  • 90.1% of respondents stated cannabis delivery services was the primary way they purchased cannabis during the pandemic, compared to 20.7% pre-COVID, representing a roughly 70% increase.
  • Only 6.4% of consumers say retail shops are now their primary purchasing method, compared to 63.3% pre-COVID, representing a roughly 57% decrease.
  • Nearly 60% of those surveyed use delivery services for convenience, indicating cannabis delivery services will likely remain the preferred method of obtaining cannabis in a post-pandemic environment.

Health Reasons Drive Surge in Consumption; Alcohol Use Flat

  • 54.8% of respondents increased cannabis consumption since the onset of the pandemic, with 80.6% noting daily use.
  • 78.1% used cannabis to help manage health/mental health conditions during the pandemic, with the top three reasons for consumption being sleep (72.6%), anxiety (66.8%) and pain (54.1%). In February 2021, Ganja Goddess experienced a 635% increase in sales of cannabis products marketed to support sleep .
  • Alcohol consumption remained flat compared to pre-pandemic with 42.9% reporting their alcohol use stayed the same, 29.2% noting an increase, and 27.9% noting a decrease. More than half of respondents (53.9%) use cannabis as a substitute for alcohol.

Edibles Bump Out Flower for Top Spot; Vaping Continues to Slide

  • 58% of respondents now view edibles as their primary method of cannabis consumption, compared to 52.9% for flower.
  • Since Ganja Goddess' last poll, the choice of edibles has increased roughly 7% while the choice of flower has decreased about 3%.
  • Vape pens as respondents' primary method has slid 6.4% since the start of the pandemic (down to 35.9%), a continuation of a trend noted in Ganja Goddess' prior polls.

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