NanoMesh™ LLC (a Subsidiary Of Exogenesis Corporation) And Veteran's Healthcare Supply Solutions (VHSS) Announces A National Distribution Agreement For The NanoMesh™ Product Line Offering To The Clinical Community

nanoMesh™ is indicated for the repair of abdominal wall hernias and abdominal wall deficiencies that require the addition of reinforcing material
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BILLERICA, Mass. and JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Aug. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- nanoMesh™ LLC, a subsidiary of Exogenesis Corporation, and Veteran's Healthcare Supply Solutions (VHSS) announces a National Distribution Agreement for the nanoMesh™ product line offering to the clinical community. nanoMesh™ is indicated for the repair of abdominal wall hernias and abdominal wall deficiencies that require the addition of reinforcing material to obtain the desired surgical result. nanoMesh™ is commercially available in the US [1] . nanoMesh™ possesses a unique nanometer-level surface texture, via the application of Accelerated Neutral Atom Beam (ANAB) technology [2] during manufacturing.

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Gary Skura, CEO of VHSS commented, "nanoMesh™ is a great addition to the VHSS portfolio. "nanoMesh™  is an adjacent technology to our expanding surgical portfolio and we are excited to help them build this brand. We are happy that nanoMesh™ recognized our dedication and passion for providing these innovative products to the medical device clinical community.

Previous AnnouncementsExogenesis previously announced July 6, 2021, Expansion of the nanoMesh™ Product Line Offering to the Clinical Community

Exogenesis previously announced June 9, 2021, Secondary Endpoint Achieved in nanoMesh™ Pathogen Inhibiting Protein (PIP) Uptake Studies

Exogenesis previously announced June 1, 2021, Primary Endpoint Achieved in nanoMesh™ Pathogen Inhibiting Protein (PIP) Uptake Studies

Exogenesis previously announced April 21, 2021, nanoMesh™ LLC (a subsidiary of Exogenesis Corporation) Completed First-In-Man Clinical Implantation of nanoMesh™.

Exogenesis previously announced on April 6, 2021, Completion Filing of a Second Pre-Marketing Notification Application (510(k)) with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Regarding nanoMesh™.

Exogenesis previously announced on January 26th, 2021, completion of production validation and sterilization validation as an immediate prelude to commercialization of nanoMesh™.

About nanoMesh™Exogenesis Hernia Mesh ("nanoMesh™") is a proprietary hernia repair product developed and being commercialized by nanoMesh™ LLC. Constructed of monofilament Polypropylene (PP) and surface treated with Accelerated Neutral Atom Beam (ANAB) technology, nanoMesh™ is the first hernia repair device in the market with surface nano-modification. nanoMesh™ is indicated for the repair of abdominal wall hernia defects, including inguinal (direct & indirect). nanoMesh™ is not indicated for transvaginal pelvic organ prolapse repair.

About Accelerated Neutral Atom Beam ("ANAB") TechnologyAccelerated Neutral Atom Beam ("ANAB") is a low-energy accelerated particle beam that is being commercialized as a nano-scale surface modification technology. ANAB is created by acceleration of neutral argon (Ar) atoms with very low energies under vacuum which bombard a material surface, modifying it to a shallow depth of 2-3 nm. This is a non-additive technology that results in modifications of surface topography, structure, and energy. Medical implants treated with ANAB technology have recently been granted FDA regulatory 510(k) clearance for use in spinal interbody fusion (IBD) devices.

About the Hernia Repair MarketThe global hernia repair market [3] is forecasted to reach $5.8B by 2026. Hernias often occur at the abdominal wall and are generally visible as an external bulge especially during straining or bearing down. It affects people to a large extent, causing significant pain and discomfort. Age, pregnancy, obesity, muscle strain, and surgery increase the risk of hernias. Surgical meshes of various constructions have been in use since the late 19 th century. In recent years, research in the area has increased due to increasing numbers of post-surgery complications such as infection, fibrosis, adhesions, mesh rejection, and hernia recurrence. Research has focused on the analysis and implementation of a wide range of materials and coatings, meshes with different fiber thickness and porosity, a variety of manufacturing methods, as well as surgical and implantation procedures. Most recently, surface modification methods, as well as the development of nanofiber-based systems, are actively being explored as promising pathways to increase biocompatibility of available mesh. [4]

About Veteran's Healthcare Supply SolutionsVHSS corporate offices and 31,000 square foot distribution center are located in Jacksonville, FL. Since their establishment in 2010, VHSS has grown to be one of the largest SDVOSBs with a focus on healthcare distribution. VHSS is classified by the Government as a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB). VHSS has a Veteran Preferred Workforce, with 13 of the current 19 employees having served. VHSS has been recognized with multiple awards for excellence: Top 50 - Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, 2016 Small Cap Award for Best Veteran Owned Medical Equipment Distributor in the US, Best Small Business Medical Equipment Distributor in Jacksonville for 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019, and have been inducted into the Jacksonville Small Business Hall of Fame. VHSS has commercial agreements with all of the Prime Vendors for the VA (Cardinal, Concordance and Medline) and with both Prime Vendors for the Department of Defense (Cardinal and Owens & Minor). VHSS  contract portfolio includes a Federal Supply Schedule, , an Equipment ECAT (Electronic Catalog) and a Medical/Surgical DAPA Agreement through the Defense Logistics Agency, VA Strategic Acquisition Center Non-Expendable Equipment Contracts, products on the VA's Medical/Surgical Prime Vendor-Next Generation (MSPV-NG) Program and various individual customer contracts.

About ExogenesisHeadquartered in Billerica, Massachusetts, USA, Exogenesis is a private, venture-capital-backed company that has developed a proprietary technology to modify and control surfaces without applying a coating or creating sub-surface damage. Exogenesis is commercializing a platform technology, NanoAccel™, utilizing Accelerated Neutral Atom Beam (ANAB) and Gas Cluster Ion Beam (GCIB) technologies that modify and control surfaces of materials at a nanoscale level. The company's proprietary technologies are used for surface modification and control in a broad range of biomedical, optical and semiconductor applications. For more information, please visit or contact us at

[1]  Exogenesis Hernia Mesh received FDA 510(k) premarket clearance September 26, 2019

[2]  Protected under patents both issued and pending.


[4]   "Past, Present and Future of Surgical Meshes: A Review" - Membranes (Basel). 2017 Sep; 7(3): 47.

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