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The New Year Airdrop for both NFT Creators & Traders

HONG KONG, Jan. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ --  NAFFITI - The first DAO-governed gasless NFT marketplace, run by the people for the people - will provide a new year airdrop for the most active NFT traders on OpenSea. The NAFFITI team under NFT Investment and Venture Limited will launch its own NFT DAO ($NAO) tokens in January 2022. 50% of the total supply of $NAO will be distributed to all NFT creators, holders, and traders on OpenSea. The token claim amount will be calculated based on the following :

  • Number of NFT transactions on OpenSea (ERC)
  • Number of NFT's owned from OpenSea
  • Total gas fee spent on NFT's

As NAFFITI enters a new phase in NFT adoption,  the team wants to give the power back to the creators and traders by creating the most sought after marketplace run by a fairly distributed DAO that can allow the most active users to vote on the key directional changes of the platform.

The two token ecosystem along with $NAFF will be key in providing the necessary utility, incentives whilst putting the power back into the hands of those who make the NFT market work.

The $NAO airdrop will be distributed to all creators and traders who have traded NFTs and transacted on the OpenSea marketplace since day one. Total airdrop is 50% of the 100 trillion supply of $NAO tokens. So users may get ready to submit the claims by connecting wallets and sharing summaries.

Whilst becoming a key $NAO holder, users will instantly enjoy high yield staking APY (earning $NAO) with the power to vote on which exciting confirmed IPs should be listed on NAFFITI marketplace. On top of that, NAFFITI has partnerships ready to announce to ensure users don't skip a beat, so get ready to be welcomed to the NAFFITI family!

The Beta platform has already been built and it will be in your hands to decide the key features of the NAFFITI launchpad and marketplace.

The distribution of $NAO is as follows:

  • 50% airdrop to OpenSea users
  • 20% Staking Incentives
  • 20% $NAO project initiatives
  • 10% LP incentives

The 50% airdrop distribution is based on the number of NFT transactions on OpenSea - ERC (40% weight), number of NFT's owned (40% weight) on OpenSea, and Gas fees spent (20% weight).

20% of $NAO is allocated for Naffiti NFT marketplace development (20%). $NAO holders will decide the key features of the launchpad, such as the multichain supported NFT marketplace, platform sponsorships, project collaboration and more. $NAO will provide voting powers to the community allowing them to vote for what collection will be listed on Naffiti launchpad and marketplace with a roster of high end exclusive IPs already confirmed.

The 20% $NAO tokens will also be used to support creators, entrepreneurs, and licensed owners to create NFTs based on their original artwork. Additionally, it will be used to support DAO NFT community events and initiatives.

Users have until June 30, 2022 to claim their tokens, once they confirm their wallets during the whitelisting period, any remaining tokens will be sent to the DAO treasury for community initiatives.

Find out more about the $NAO airdrop terms and condition at the links below:

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