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Mueller Introduces New Sentryx™ Software Enabled Super Centurion® Hydrant

ATLANTA, Dec. 15, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mueller today announced the expanded capabilities of America's most popular fire hydrant.

ATLANTA, Dec. 15, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mueller today announced the expanded capabilities of America's most popular fire hydrant. The Super Centurion hydrant can now serve as a communications hub and physical platform for both pressure monitoring and leak monitoring systems. Mueller's proven pressure and leak monitoring solutions can be integrated seamlessly into existing water infrastructure and communicate via the cellular network to the cloud based Sentryx Water Intelligence Platform.

The scalable, cloud based Sentryx platform records and displays important data communicated from the hydrant, providing utilities with insights to make informed decisions on increasing the life of their infrastructure and lowering future capital and operational costs. Reports, data and notifications gathered from the Sentryx platform can be easily pushed to workforce management software, billing software, meter data management or other utility software platforms making it easy to streamline operations. The Sentryx platform can interface with other software platforms and third-party devices to accommodate specific utility needs. Designed to ensure unobstructed hydrant operation and manufactured with corrosion resistant materials, and a long battery life; the Sentryx software enabled Super Centurion hydrant delivers uncompromised performance, for any size water distribution system.  

Leak and pressure monitoring options are available for the Sentryx software enabled Super Centurion hydrant as a new hydrant or as a retrofittable kit. Now, new technology can be placed in existing fire hydrants avoiding the need to dig and interrupt service. The retrofit kit supports Mueller 5-1/4" Centurion hydrants, with bury depths of 3'-6" to 6'-0" that have been in operation since 1975.

For more information about the Sentryx software enabled Super Centurion hydrant, please visit or contact your Mueller sales representative.

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