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Monolithic Power Systems Files Patent Infringement And Trade Secret Theft Lawsuits Against Meraki Integrated And Against Its Founders Wei Dong And Lin Sheng For Breach Of Contract And Fraud

KIRKLAND, Washington, Sept. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Monolithic Power Systems, Inc.

KIRKLAND, Washington, Sept. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Monolithic Power Systems, Inc. (MPS) (Nasdaq: MPWR), a leading company in high performance analog solutions, announced today that it has filed lawsuits in the U.S. District Courts for the Western District of Texas and Northern District of California against Meraki Integrated Circuit ( Shenzhen) Technology, Ltd. (Meraki); Meraki's customer, Promate Electronic Co., Ltd.; and Meraki's founders, Wei Dong and Lin Sheng.  The lawsuits assert claims of breach of contract, fraud, trade secret theft, and that Meraki's synchronous rectifier products, including MK1808, MK91808, MK1718, MK91718, MK1708, MK1807, MK91807, MK1715, MK1716, MK17350, MK17360, MK91735, MK91736, MK91738, MK1705A, MK1706, MK1709, and MK1719 are knock offs of MPS proprietary products and have infringed at least five of MPS Chinese patents and U.S. Patent Nos. 8,067,973, 8,400,790, and 10,432,104. The lawsuits also assert that Meraki has induced its customers to offer for sale and import Meraki's infringing products into the U.S.

MPS alleges that Wei Dong, with aliases of Wayne and Wesley, and Lin Sheng, with alias of Elaine, were former U.S. engineers of MPS immediately prior to relocating to China with stolen MPS trade secrets.  MPS further alleges that in order to conceal their unlawful activities, Dong and Sheng used their mothers' identities instead of their own to incorporate Meraki and to hold titles.

In the complaints, MPS seeks unspecified damages and court-ordered injunctions against future infringement and unlawful conduct by these companies, Dong, and Sheng, as well as the return to MPS of intellectual property including patent applications that were improperly assigned to Meraki.  MPS intends to vigorously protect and enforce its intellectual property.

About Monolithic Power Systems, Inc.

Monolithic Power Systems, Inc. (MPS) provides small, highly energy efficient, easy-to-use power solutions for systems found in industrial applications, telecom infrastructures, cloud computing, automotive, and consumer applications. MPS' mission is to reduce total energy consumption in its customers' systems with green, practical, compact solutions. The company was founded by Michael Hsing in 1997 and is based in the United States. MPS can be contacted through its website at or its support offices around the world.

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